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Amy Schumer shows everyone just how difficult it is to get off a pool raft

/ Source: TODAY

Getting into a pool is easy. But as Amy Schumer recently proved, getting out can be a much different story!

Enter a giant pink flamingo raft. There was an unintended war between Schumer and the massive flotation device as she attempted to roll out of the pool and onto the pavement.

Luckily, it went according to plan and she didn't fall in. But we feel for you, Amy. We've all been there.

The "instructional video," as she called it, has gotten over 1,000,000 views on Instagram, and many users have tagged friends to share in the laughs.

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The struggle is most certainly real, but it could've been worse, and she's probably thankful for that.

No, we're not downplaying said struggle. Don't get us wrong. However, if you've been there, you know the task likely requires a series of impromptu yoga moves simply to avoid falling in the water.

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So, she was graceful about it. We'll give her that. But the giant pink flamingo definitely gave Schumer a run for her money! And there's no denying it.

Amy: 0. Pink flamingo: 1.