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Watch Amy Schumer shed tears of joy when she finds out she's pregnant

The actress and comedian shared the emotional scene from an upcoming docuseries.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been more than a year and a half since Amy Schumer informed her fans that she and husband Chris Fischer were expecting their first child. And now those fans can see what it was like for the star shortly after she found out the news herself.

On Wednesday, the “Trainwreck” actress took to Instagram with a candid teaser trailer for her upcoming HBO Max docuseries, “Expecting Amy,” that featured the emotional moment.

"I found out two days ago that I'm pregnant," a teary-eyed Schumer tells the camera in a scene she filmed. As she got even more emotional, the then-mom-to-be added, “I'm just so excited."

The raw sentiment of that scene was just a taste of the joy to come for the comedian when, in May of 2019, she and Fischer welcomed a baby boy named Gene to the world.

The proud parents recently gave everyone a closer look at their bundle of joy. Earlier this month, 1-year-old Gene made his TODAY debut when Schumer and Fischer paid a video visit to the show.

“Here’s the little guy!” Schumer raved as she gave her smiling boy a few kisses. She then joked, “Be cute! Be cuter! Just get cute for this one interview.”

Gene made his first appearance on TODAY, and he made everyone smile.
Gene made his first appearance on TODAY, and he made everyone smile.TODAY

Needless to say, Gene aced it.

As for “Expecting Amy,” the brief teaser Schumer shared showcased a number of significant highlights from her life, from an adorable glimpse of a stand-up routine from her childhood to a funny and sweet flashback to her 2018 wedding.

Viewers can see more when the three-part docuseries premieres on HBO Max July 9.