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Amy Schumer is absolutely adorable in sweet childhood Hanukkah video

When Amy Schumer performs, the usual response is laughter. But a video of a performance she delivered as a child inspires a different reaction.
/ Source: TODAY

When Amy Schumer puts on a performance, the usual response is laughter — lots of it.

But a video of a performance she delivered when she was just a little girl inspires a much different reaction.

It's nothing but "aws" after watching that sweet clip!

In it, Schumer, who couldn't have been older than six at the time, looks straight into the camera and sings, "It's just happy Hanukkah! [clap, clap] Happy Hanukkah! [clap, clap] Happy Hanukkah! [tambourine]," and ... you get the idea.

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The most important detail is just how adorable (and instantly recognizable) the comedy star is in the vintage holiday video.

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