Amy Poehler tells Ellen: Dogs are better than cats

IMAGE: Amy Poehler
Amy PoehlerOwen Sweeney / AP

Perhaps "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler wasn't the best guest for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday during the show's Cat Week. Let's just say she won't be buying any Meow Mix any time soon.

At first, Poehler was diplomatic about her preference for dogs over cats. "I love all animals and believe that they should be treated with respect and kind loving care, but I don't trust animals that you can't find when you get home," Poehler told DeGeneres. "I like to know where my animals are at all times."

DeGeneres is a cat owner, and she told Poehler her felines do greet her when she gets home, but the comedian wasn't convinced.

"What you could do is get a dog, and just solve the problem right there," Poehler told the host, as cat-lovers in the audience booed. "Oh, wait, is that bad to say that dogs are better than cats? CAUSE THEY ARE!"

The dog-lovers in the audience wildly agreed via their applause, but DeGeneres wasn't done. She produced a meowing, moving toy cat and suggested Poehler hold it for the rest of the interview. The cute cat softened her just a little.

"This is a perfect pet," Poehler said. "This is a gorgeous cat. ... I would like to hold it just at parties and just try to sell that it's real, and just make real aggressive eye contact with anyone that tries to say it's not."