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Amy Grant shares the powerful life advice she got from Billy Graham

The singer reflected on her spiritual journey in an interview on TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Amy Grant says she is learning to let go and trust in her faith.

In a candid interview with TODAY’s Craig Melvin that aired Thursday, the Christian singer-songwriter opened up about her spiritual journey and said this is “probably the most joyful time” in her life.

“I am so grateful,” she said.​​ “As I've gotten older, I just say, ‘Wow, it changed everything when I believed that God designed me to be uniquely me.’ And I'm going to believe he designed you to be uniquely you. I'm sure there are so many things I don't understand. But I'm just trusting that God, who holds everything in his hands, it’s not a surprise to him.”

Grant, 60, has had an eventful few years. In 2020, she underwent unexpected open-heart surgery to fix a rare genetic condition. She shared that her faith helped her through the experience.

“Something supernatural pushed me through it,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “My recovery has honestly felt miraculous.”

Now, the Christian pop singer is on the road again, touring to celebrate the 30th anniversary rerelease of her hit 1991 album, “Heart In Motion.”

She is also an executive producer of “The Jesus Music,” a documentary about the rise of contemporary Christian music and artists across many genres, including country, folk, hip-hop and heavy metal.

Grant said a “message of faith” binds together all these different genres that at first listen may not seem to have much in common.

“It’s the message of faith, just the faith journey,” she said. “As somebody that loves music, this is why I started writing. We should have music that we like that’s not just church music, that talks about, ‘This amazing thing happened to me.’ And to me, it’s just like another color in the rainbow.”

The Grammy winner also opened up about her admiration for the late evangelist Billy Graham. She recalled him preaching during a 1972 festival that is often nicknamed the “Christian Woodstock.”

“I was just so moved by Billy Graham’s welcome to these rag-legged, clearly not the religious culture that he represented,” Grant said. “But he welcomed them to his platform, and I thought that was really beautiful.”

Grant also described a personal memory of meeting Graham, which Craig shared with his TODAY co-hosts.

“She was at a crossroads in her life and wanted some advice,” Craig said, “and she said that Reverend Graham said, ‘Amy, sometimes you just need to take the long way home.’”