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Amsterdam lets "beer bike" ride on, with limits

The beer bike will ride on in Amsterdam.
/ Source: Reuters

The beer bike will ride on in Amsterdam.

The outsized bikes, seating groups of people around a central bar, are something of a fixture in the city's center. But two accidents within two months prompted the city councillor responsible for transport to launch an investigation in June.

Following that review the city has decided to allow the bikes to carry on riding, a city spokesman said Saturday.

They will, however, need permits from the various city boroughs, and those permits are likely to come with restrictions on hours of operation and requirements for a sober driver.

While non-drinkers already typically steer the bikes, their size has also been an issue in some cases on the city centre's narrow streets. One of the better-known operators,, offers two-hour tours on bikes that seat up to 22 people and carry 30 litres (7.9 gallons) of beer.