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'America's Next Top Models' go up in flames

By Leslie Gornstein of HitFix.com

Alexandria! How does it feel to have the best photo and the blackest soul at the same time? The other girls think Alexandria should have been bumped down a few notches because of the raincloud she brought to the set of the last shoot; apparently those girls have never, ever read anything about Naomi Campbell.

Alexandria is from Orange County, which explains everything.

OK. Whatever. Time to get lit on fire. A TyraMail teases something about “flames,” and soon enough the girls are brought to a new runway challenge. The girls will be modeling creations from a designer who has survived multiple wardrobe encounters with Lady Gaga. The runway will be lit on fire. And the girls will also be lit on fire. Sort of like Burning Man, only without the art.

“I could possibly get like a third degree burn,” Hannah notes.

“I’m scared,” Alexandria says. Yes, but still bitchy. Gurl, you multitask like a master!

Alexandria does fine for someone on fire. So do Brittani, Monique, Molly and Mikaela, but Jaclyn and Sara could use work on their walk. Kasia walks too sexy, but Miss Jay loves Dalya’s controlled, calm strut. Hannah needs to bring a bit more personality.

Dalya wins. The three girls who did the worst -- Hannah, Sara and Kasia -- are told they will have to walk home. It is not a joke. Kasia actually takes the time to practice her walk; she inspires the other two to do the same, and it’s actually kind of cute.

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