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American Idol Hits Nashville: This Ain't a Love Song

Here's hoping American Idol hasn't discovered the next Sid and Nancy.
/ Source: E!online

Here's hoping American Idol hasn't discovered the next Sid and Nancy.

Though Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bodin hit up auditions in Nashville together, their relationship isn't what we'd call country strong.

If you can believe the Idol edit, it appears that Chelsee, who has a new boyfriend now, broke Rob's heart, and he's still playing the accommodating nice guy (who sneaks in the occasional jibe about how much his ex kinda sucks).

But boy could they harmonize! And based on their duet and their obvious bond, Jennifer Lopez is convinced that Rob and Chelsee will be rekindling the flame in no time.

"That worked out pretty cool," Rob admitted to Ryan Seacrest afterward as he and his, er, singing partner, were mobbed by family and friends, including Chelsee's bewildered-looking boyfriend.

Other promising voices to remember from Nashville belong to the likes to Lauren Alaina ("I think we found the one today," promised Steven Tyler, and not just because she engaged him in an "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" duet), Danny Pate, Adrienne Beasley, Jackie Wilson, Jimmie Allen and Matt Dillard. And Stormi Henley, because Tyler thought the beauty queen was supercute and Randy Jackson is a guy who just can't say no in a tiebreak.

"Seriously?! That may be the smallest voice we've heard in five cities!" J.Lo scolded.

The party resumes next Tuesday in Texas.

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