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American Idol: Group Round Unearths a Basket Case, a Cheat Sheat and a Lot of Bad Notes

The American Idol group round tends to stress everybody out, some more than others.
/ Source: E!online

The American Idol group round tends to stress everybody out, some more than others.

Ashley Sullivan became the first to crack on Tuesday's episode, first spacing out on her female quartet, The Hits, and then declaring that she was "done."

"Where do I go to quit?" she said tearfully into the camera.

Ashley did indeed walk out, although a producer advised her to think about what she was doing. So, did Ashley, who had already proved herself to be a drama queen with some loud, squealy reactions to good news, really quit while she was ahead?

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Pffsh, no. After a heart to heart with her boyfriend, she strode back in, saying it wouldn't be fair to the other girls for her to quit in the middle of the night.

Yeah, no kidding.

But it was a rough night for almost all: Jordan Dorsey was auditioning people for his group like he was Barry Gordy and then ditched his quintet for another in the middle of the night.

Jacee Badeaux's group dumped him at 1 a.m. after deciding, according to Clint Jun Gamboa (who now has a major black mark in our book), that "it might have been wrong to add him, as far as choreography..." He trailed off, perhaps realizing he sounded like a douche.

Adding insult to injury, one-tune Southern gentleman Scotty McCreery had trouble finding a spot, as well, eventually settling with/for (depends on who you ask) the very group that dumped Jacee.

Tiffany Rios, after making tons of friends with her comment about the other contestants only trying to bring what she already has to the table, found herself without a group until she took advantage of Jessica Yantz's good manners and managed to pry her away from a fully functioning group.

The addition of 15-year-olds this year added a new element to the competition, as well, with The Minors--composed entirely of 15- and 16-year-olds--got round-the-clock encouragement (and more than a bit of coaching) from their moms.

The stage mom presence left big-note-belter James Durbin on edge, especially, considering his group and The Minors planned to sing Queen's "Somebody to Love."

Actually, James had reason to be concerned, because The Minors were way better than his group, and all five of them--Sarina-Joi Crowe, Deandre Brackensick, Keonna Evans, Felix Ramsey and Jalen Harris--skated through.

"That was as good as it gets," Steven Tyler raved--and that's coming from a guy who was serenaded by four cute girls earlier (only one of whom, Lauren Alaina, made it through, incidentally).

Durbin, meanwhile, was one of only two to make it out of his fivesome, the other being Caleb Johnson.

Jessica Yantz's niceness bit her in the butt, as she and Tiffany Rios sounded pretty terrible belting out "Irreplaceable" in entirely different keys, yet at the same time. So both were fired, despite Tiffany's best efforts to plead her case.

Steven Clawson got the boot after the judges noticed he was...wait for it...holding a cheat sheet with the words to "Grenade" on it!

Not everyone got their karmic comeuppance, however.

Jordan Dorsey's group, which was the first of the day to sing Bruno Mars' "Grenade" (Mars was really big this year), got rave reviews, him included. Jacee's old group was just as good as they hoped they would be, so they all made it too. Early favorite Paris Tassin had a bad day and was sent home, as did adorable Gutierrez brother Aaron (Mark's still in it).

And Rob Bolin, who went through the audition process trailing after ex-girlfriend Chelsee Oaks, finally couldn't take it anymore and couldn't remember any words to Cee Lo Green's "Forget You." Probably because he really wanted to sing the other version.

He's out and Chelsee's in, along with Jacqueline Dunford, whose other half, Nick Fink, was sent packing after the sudden death a cappella round.

Meanwhile, Jacee's old group dumped him right into the open arms of the Sugar Mama and the Babies, who were doing Duffy's "Mercy," a tune the 15-year-old wasn't familiar with. He sang his own "I don't want to go home" lyrics when they performed, but his voice remained steady and they all made it, Jacee's sweet groupmate, Brett Loewenstern, jumping for joy when he heard that the little fella made it.

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