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'American Horror Story' reveals its modern day Bloody Face

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Fans of gorey drama "American Horror Story: Asylum" already know who crazy killer Bloody Face really is in the 1964 story line of the show (Dr. Thredson, how could you?!), but who was behind the Bloody Face mask when three men were attacked in the present day Briarcliff?

Show creator Ryan Murphy himself has made the big reveal: "Dylan (McDermott) is modern day Bloody Face," he told EW.com. "So the question is why is he the modern day Bloody Face? What is he doing? And that's revealed in episode nine."

Viewers were given a hint about his identity when Bloody Face called the police in episode six to admit to killing the three imposters, and his voice could be heard from the cell phone. And on Thursday, the actor posted a photo of himself as the killer on his WhoSay page:

McDermott has not yet appeared on the show this season, but played philandering psychiatrist Ben Harmon in season one. There are no known plans yet for "Nashville" star Connie Britton, who played Ben's wife Vivien, to return to the show, but the actress has said she'd love to if scheduling allowed.

"American Horror Story" airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on FX.

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