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'American Horror Story' creator tweets photo of new characters

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"American Horror Story" star Adam Levine ... with the new villain?

Are we looking at the new villain of "American Horror Story"?! Creator Ryan Murphy is wasting no time on Twitter Monday, first posting a photo from "Glee's" season-four set, and now Adam Levine is the subject of his newest exclusive pic

"Two of our stars who started shooting today - - the multi-talented @adamlevine and Bloody Face!" 

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Ignoring Adam Levine looking hot in his white tank top (we'll get back to that), let's talk about this crazy Bloody Face dude painted on what looks like a basement wall -- or the creepiest hallway ever. Is he the new ghost, demon or boogeyman haunting "American Horror Story"? And more importantly, can he top Rubber Man in creepiness? 

As expected, we don't know much about season two of "AHS," but we do know Adam Levine is playing one half of a pair of characters called "The Lovers," who are patients in the New England mental hospital run by Jessica Lange's character. Jenna Dewan was recently cast as the other "lover." 

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What do you make of this photo, "AHS" fans? Just a random drawing, or will Bloody Face be the face of horror in season two? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

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