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America uses Twitter to save 'The Voice' artist

Adam Levine test-drives CeeLo Green's sunglasses on "The Voice."

CeeLo Green was the talk of "The Voice" when Tuesday's live elimination episode began, thanks to his futuristic black sunglasses. Carson Daly asked if he was watching a movie. Christina Aguilera wondered if they were 3-D glasses.

Turns out, maybe CeeLo just had a premonition that he wouldn't want to see the results.

Two of his artists were in the bottom three, Jonny Gray and Kat Robichaud, joined by Christina's Josh Logan.

How did CeeLo feel about those results?

"I'm a little pissed man, honestly," he said. "I see the work, and I see the importance of both of your presence up here on the stage. I think you both deserve to be here, and I'm riding with you regardless. That's it."

Riding with them was one thing, but tweeting for them was the difference. America got one final chance to save one of the bottom three, with the winner tallying the most #VoiceSave hashtags. At the end of the five-minute window, Carson asked the two judges with nobody at risk what they thought.

"I looked on Twitter to see who everyone is talking about, and I'm seeing Jonny's name a lot," Blake said.

"I would tweet for Jonny, probably," Adam Levine agreed.

Too bad. Jonny actually had the fewest number of supportive tweets. Josh also went home giving Kat another chance.

If Kat has nine lives, she's already used two of them on the show. having been saved by CeeLo two weeks ago and Twitter this week. She's also got to figure out what to do for an encore after the crowdsurfing routine only got her to 10th place.

Beyond that, the highlight was the confessional, where we learned Caroline Pennell actually can whistle, Matthew Schuler wet his bed until he was seven and Cole Vosbury does not keep small animals in his beards. Too bad, because the animal-loving coaches could use the real estate.

Christina said she had four dogs: Mini, Stinky, Chewy and Nugget. "Mini would be myself and the other three dogs I named after all the other coaches." She did not say which name was linked to each coach, and we're not sure we really need to know. Adam introduced his adorable new puppy, Charlie.

But all of that paled in comparison to CeeLo. Dressed in a silver jumpsuit, he showed off a menagerie of James Bond villain-worthy pets, including:

A cat named Purrfect and the cockatoo Ladybird who longtime fans of the show are already familiar with.

A huge dog named Tiny.

A pig named Little Richard.

And a llama named Ollama. "I'd vote for you," he told her sweetly.

Maybe instead he can teach her to vote for his singers next week. They may need the help.