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‘Amazing Race’ will return, but not in fall

When will "Amazing Race" return? Plus: Info on a new modeling show that's casting now, "Temptation Island," and "Outback Jack's" baby girl.
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Casting note: Readers are always asking us how they can find out about new reality shows and audition for the first season of these shows. Our only advice is to regularly check the network sites — most of them have casting pages and new shows often appear there. But here's one tip: Bravo is now casting for a new modeling series, "Make Me a Supermodel." Casting info for that show, as well as Bravo's popular "Top Chef," is now up

Q: When is the next season of Amazing Race scheduled to start — or is there going to be one this fall?    —KJM, Oklahoma

A: Looking at the networks' fall schedules, many familiar reality shows appear: "Survivor," "Dancing With the Stars," even "The Bachelor." But one is missing: "The Amazing Race."

CBS has aired two seasons of the race almost every year since the race debuted in 2001, and for the past five seasons, they've stuck to a consistent pattern of debuting a new season ever fall and spring.

While that won't happen this year, the show has not been cancelled. In fact, a 12th installment has reportedly already been filmed.

Instead, CBS is holding that race for mid-season, which means it could appear in January or February. In recent years, the show's ratings have slipped and wavered, averaging about 10 million viewers an episode for the 11th season last spring. However, the Emmy-winning show has consistently delivered high-quality television, excepting the boring family season.

To refresh the series, there will be a few changes: The race will feature younger contestants, and it will drop the non-elimination legs. That means that, unless there's an extended, super-sized leg of the race, someone will go home every week.    —A.D.

Q: Are there any plans to bring "Temptation Island" back?    —Lisa, California

A: Not right now. After three seasons, the show was cancelled in 2003.

However, with the the FOX Reality Channel and My Network TV will air early next year, who knows? Anything is possible, especially as networks seem to be running out of ideas fast, which is why they're airing at least a half-dozen "American Idol" clones this summer.

Speaking of the FOX Reality Channel, the network does occasionally repeat episodes of the US "Temptation Island" -- and the Australian and UK versions, so you can relive the fun there. The format has been purchased by networks outside the US, which continue to create new seasons, so you might run into new episodes if you travel abroad.    —A.D.

Q: Can you tell me the latest on Vadim Dale/Outback Jack? Was his child a boy or girl?    —Anonymous

A: Outback Jack and Nat, the woman he chose on his 2004 reality show, keep their private life pretty private — rare in this reality TV world. But according to Celebrity Baby Blog, a daughter, Hunter Bella Grace Dale, was born to the couple on Nov. 13, 2006 in Louisville, Ken.

We did run a previous item .    —G.F.C.

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