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‘Amazing Race’ ready for 6th season return

Eleven teams to compete for $1 million prize beginning Nov. 16
/ Source: The Associated Press

Host Phil Keoghan is back with his mat, pit stops and detours for the sixth season of CBS’ “The Amazing Race.”

This time, 11 teams of two will globe-trot for the $1 million prize, beginning with a two-hour premiere on Nov. 16. At every destination, each team will have to compete in a series of challenges — some mental, some physical — and only when the tasks have been completed will they learn their next destination.

The race’s roster contains the standard assemblage of friends, couples and family members who must work together in order not to be eliminated from the exotic excursion.

Cast members, who were announced by the network Wednesday, include an engaged model couple, dating model-actors, a pair of married pro wrestlers and two grandparents.

The teams are: engaged models Freddy Holliday, 34, and Kendra Bentley, 25, of Miami; best friends Meredith Tufaro, 26, and Maria Sampogna, 26, of New York; long distance dating couple Kris Perkins, 30, of Long Beach, Calif., and Jon Buehler, 29, of Scottsdale, Ariz.; father-daughter duo Gus McLeod, 50, of Gaithersburg, Md., and Hera McLeod, 24, of Los Angeles; formerly dating personal trainers Adam Malis, 27, and Rebecca Cardon, 29, of Los Angeles;

High school buddies Avi Schneier, 32, of New York, and Joe Rashbaum, 32, of Ventura, Calif.; married pro wresters Lori Harvey, 33, and Bolo Dar’tainian, 38, of Molino, Fla.; grandparents Don St. Claire, 69, and Mary Jean St. Claire, 66, of Portola Valley, Calif.; dating model-actors Hayden Kristianson, 25, and Aaron Crumbaugh, 25, of Los Angeles; sisters Lena Jensen, 23, and Kristy Jensen, 26, of Pleasant Grove, Utah; married entrepreneurs Jonathan Baker, 42, and Victoria Fuller, 32, of Los Angeles.