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‘Amazing Race’ down to final three teams

Oldest couple, Gretchen and Meredith, eliminated in Tuesday's show
/ Source: The Associated Press

The oldest couple on CBS’ “The Amazing Race” have been eliminated, leaving the final three teams to scamper across the finish line.

Retired couple Meredith and Gretchen Smith surprised many viewers with their amazing staying power, making it farther than any older couple to compete on the reality show.

“We never gave a thought to our age or our physical circumstances, all we wanted to do was beat out at least one team on every leg (of the race),” Meredith told The Associated Press Wednesday. “That’s all we focused on.”

Meredith — and “Amazing Race” editors — didn’t focus on the severe pain the 69-year-old retired executive experienced in his foot after being run over by an elephant statue on wheels during a challenge in India.

“It was bothering him a lot for the rest of the race,” said Gretchen. “When he got home, he had it X-rayed and found he had three partially healed bones and that’s what had been broken.”

Gretchen, 66, had her own bout with pain after falling in a cave in Africa, which resulted in a bloody gash. Later, the Smiths were the last team to arrive during a non-elimination leg, a situation that required host Phil Keoghan to strip the Smiths of their money and possessions.

“Uchenna (Agu) and Kelly (McCorkle) were the two people who came to our room in the middle of the night and gave us clothes,” said Meredith. “We had no clothes other than those on our back, as you saw. As an interesting side note, Gretchen was wearing Uchenna’s underwear.”

“Yes, ’cause I didn’t have any others,” said Gretchen.

In case you were wondering: they were boxers.

During the May 10 finale, either Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, Ron Young and Kelly McCorkle or Joyce and Uchenna Agu will cross the finish line and win the $1 million prize.

The Smiths said they never really cared about the money. Gretchen said they just wanted “one big last adventure.”