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Amateur artists are trying to re-create viral sketch of hand — and failing

Nailed it! Or ... not.
/ Source: TODAY

Ask any artist: One of the hardest things to draw are people's hands.

But if you check out a new video demonstration on Twitter showing someone holding a long-tipped pencil and sketching a woman's hand, complete with manicured fingernails, it's easy to think that anyone could do it.

Well, maybe not.

With over 51,000 retweets and 136,000 likes, the short video clip is proving that 'freehand' drawing might not be as easy as it looks (maybe almost as complicated as drawing an "X").

Unless, that is, you're aiming for abstract impressionism or the hands of gargoyles.

"Hands can be one of the most difficult things to draw on the human anatomy," Joe Simko, an artist and writer for Topps' Garbage Pail Kids, told TODAY. "There are lots of gnarly little parts and fleshy folds going on. The slightest gesture or twist of the wrist or fingers can really tell a story. So conveying that can get tricky."

Still, we do enjoy how at least one commenter compared the hand drawing concept to real-life scenarios:

And admittedly, not all of them are terrible:

But, well, most of them really are.

In any case, don't consider this 15-second video on the same level as a professional drawing lesson. Artist Brandon Bird, who sketches pop culture figures, told TODAY, "The video isn't a good tutorial because it's not a tutorial at all. It's clearly the work of an artist who's drawn a hand in that method dozens and dozens of times."

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