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Amanda Kloots reveals 'sign' from late husband Nick Cordero to show he's still with her

She says Cordero reached out to her through a copy of People magazine.
/ Source: TODAY

Amanda Kloots, the widow of Broadway star Nick Cordero, says her late husband let her know that he is still with her and their son Elvis, 1, through a People magazine that features him on the cover and the Geico gecko on the back.

“Yesterday I went on a walk with Elvis. I went on the walk because I started a #ak10daysofhappy challenge where I do one thing a day to make me happy,” she wrote on Instagram on Thursday, along with a picture of the popular gecko. “On the walk I was talking out loud to Nick. I’m not kidding you I said, ‘Babe, will you show me a sign that you’re here with me and Elvis. I don’t know what it would be, but please show me a sign.’”

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Kloots said Cordero, who died earlier this month at the age of 41 from the coronavirus, came through for her when the magazine, which featured him as the cover story, tumbled onto the floor in her bedroom.

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“I had the People magazine on my bed last night because I was going to read it finally. It fell off the bed and landed face down and on the back cover was the Geico gecko. Nick put two things on his vision board this year, two things. One of them was the Geico gecko. Out of all the ads that could have been on the back of Nicks issue, THIS WAS THE AD!” she wrote.

Kloots said the creature has special symbolism and that seeing the gecko was clearly a message from Cordero.

“The spiritual meaning of a gecko, in case you are wondering, it represents incredible healing and cleansing due to its regenerative powers. The appearance of a gecko in your life means you are strong, fearless and can overcome anything!” she wrote. “I believe this was a sign from Nick! It was his cheeky way of saying, 'Hi honey. I’m here still! I’m with you.'”

Kloots expounded on what happened in her Instagram stories when she purchased the magazine at a Walgreens and had a short conversation with the cashier who rang her up.

“Seriously, think about all of the different ads that could have been on the back of this cover,” she said.

“And the guy at the counter, he said to me, ‘My wife died a year ago.’ And I said, ‘Oh.’ And he was like, ‘Of cancer.’ And he said, ‘It gets easier. I promise you it gets easier.’ And I said, ‘Oh, thank you.’ I said, ‘That’s my husband.’ He goes, ‘I know. That’s why I’m telling you this.’”

“I started crying. It doesn’t take much to get me to cry these days, but I thought it was very beautiful that he said what he said and shared that he had a wife that died and that he was offering advice to me,” she said.

As for the magazine falling off the table, enabling her to notice the Geico ad, Kloots remains in awe.

“That’s just crazy. That’s crazy,” she said.