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Alyssa Milano shames Jay Mohr after he allegedly comments about her weight

Jerry Markland / Today
Alyssa Milano looked great at the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards on Dec. 6 in Las Vegas.

"Project Runway All-Stars" host and judge Alyssa Milano is fighting back against comedian Jay Mohr, who allegedly made some jokes at her expense after they both attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards last month in Las Vegas.

The actor reportedly made remarks about Milano's post-baby weight. TODAY's Willie Geist noted Thursday that Mohr allegedly said on a radio show that "Alyssa was small in stature, but that she'd put on weight or something like that."

Added guest host Brooke Shields, "After having a baby! Or (he said) something to the effect of, 'She just didn't care (about her weight) anymore.'" 

Not that Milano has any post-baby pounds to lose. (Besides the fact that she gave birth to son Milo in August 2011.) Photos from the NASCAR event show the stylish and svelte actress in a skin-tight red dress looking pretty darn good.

But as Shields pointed out, the former "Who's the Boss" star responded to the alleged dis in a "smart" and "classy" manner in a Christmas day tweet.

Al Roker gave Mohr the benefit of the doubt, saying that if the actor had made such a comment, "He's a comedian, so I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt her, but sometimes you get on a roll and people are laughing and you just take it up to the next level, and before you know it, some feelings are hurt."

With reports of his comments making the rounds, Mohr defended himself on Thursday.