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Alyssa Milano 'sex tape' will leave you smarter about conflict in Syria

As the concern over possible U.S. military action in Syria escalates, Alyssa Milano may help take your mind off it all with a newly leaked "sex tape."

While the actress, 40, and a mystery man appear ready to show off what a good time they had in Cabo, what you get on closer viewing is a better understanding of the "roots of the current upheaval in Syria" which lie in "sectarian divisions."

While setting up a camera to record her exploits in bed, the former "Who's the Boss?" star kicks the device and instead films a television showing a mock newsman delivering a tutorial on the politics of the Syrian conflict. The couple's romp continues for more than a minute during the broadcast, and is partially visible in a mirror.

It's all part of a skit released on the website Funny or Die on Wednesday. Milano tweeted (to her 2.5 million followers), "What sex tape?" and "Oh no! I'm not sure how it got out." She later decided it was best to "control the situation."