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Already?! One 'Loser' packs on the pounds in week two

Lewis Jacobs / NBC / Today
Johnny faced down a plate of mini doughnuts -- and won.

Here we go again!

Remember how, during the previous season of “The Biggest Loser,” the numbers on the scale seemed as likely to go up as they were to go down for certain players? Well, we’re only in week two of the current season, and already one player has managed to send the scale swinging in the wrong direction.

While there’s no sign that the latest gain marks another trend, and unlike some of last season’s scale-swingers, there was nothing intentional about it, it’s still a downer to see someone lose momentum so early into their weight-loss routine. But that’s just what happened when Johnny weighed in Tuesday night.

Yes, despite sailing through the first temptation challenge without consuming so much a one mini doughnut (a feat that Mike, who ate 11, and John, who downed 37, sure can’t claim), Johnny still gained two pounds when the blue team, aka the Golden Oldies, really needed him to drop big numbers.

How did it happen? Despite the best efforts from trainer Anna Kournikova, Johnny’s biggest problem seemed to be maintaining his focus during his limited gym hours. This week each team had access to their gym and trainer for only two hours a day, yet Johnny craved breaks.

Still, even if the he had dropped a few pounds, his team would have come in last place at the weigh-in all the same. Not only were they lacking any perks -- like the two-pound advantage Team Black (the 40ish crowd) won during the reward challenge and the one-pound advantage the reds (the under-30s) walked away with for second place honors -- but there’s still the fact that the “Battle of the Ages” theme once again isn’t working out so well for the over-50 crowd.

When it came time for the vote, the blue team really considered only two choices: There was Bonnie with the bad knee or Johnny with the bad numbers, which meant bye-bye Johnny.

But don’t feel bad for the 65-year-old. Sure, he went home, but it’s clear that the man’s made the most of his time away from "The Biggest Loser” ranch. In an update, Johnny revealed that he's looking and feeling better now that he’s put his gaining days behind him and dropped a total of 59 pounds -- so far.

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Johnny’s gain? And hey, does anyone else think that man is the spitting image for Morty Seinfeld? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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