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'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' sees major 'Power' shift

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC / Today
Trace Adkins led Team Power to a long-awaited win.

Finally! After losing all but one task in the first six weeks of the competition, Team Power turned things around on "Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday night.

Of course, to be fair, Team Power is now made up of equal parts original members and former Plan B'ers who were forced to switch, and the once-failing team owes its victory to one of the latter players.  

Trace Adkins served as project manager for Power, and came up with a company-pleasing campaign for sun care products -- one that required him to dress up as a comical, sunburnt caveman. His not-so-stiff competition?

Heading up Team Plan B was none other than Gary Busey, and his first stint as project manager went about as well as one might expect.

OK, maybe even a little better. Busey somehow avoided alienating the clients with his goofy antics, and even offered up a sun-and-fun ad that they liked. But it was light on one important element: the product.

So it was back to the boardroom for Busey, who decided to bring along Stephen Baldwin, the director of the team's somewhat-flubbed ad, as well as Penn Jillette, who… well, didn't do anything wrong.

"Penn, go," Trump said, refusing to even consider firing the magician.

As for Baldwin vs. Busey, Trump used Baldwin's own words to make his decision.

"You said (Gary) did an amazing job, Stephen," the boss pointed out.

Trump wasn't about to fire someone who did 'an amazing job,' so it was bye-bye Baldwin.

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