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'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' finale: Who won the final boardroom battle?

Virginia Sherwood / Today
Donald Trump sizes up the "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" finalists while boardroom advisor Joan Rivers looks on.

They started out as teammates on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," but on Sunday night, Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins faced off in a final battle for boardroom bragging rights. And the winner is … a big guy with a ponytail.

But which one?

"I think I delivered the best ice cream, I made the best commercial, I put on the best show, I brought in the biggest celebrities and I raised the most money," Trace told Donald Trump just before the big boss made his call.

Trump just couldn't argue those points, so he named the country crooner the best of the all-star bunch (and awarded his charity, the American Red Cross, $250,000, while sponsor Walgreens kicked in $100,000 more).

As for Jillette, he had a couple of victories of his own. Although he didn't raise as much money as Adkins in the final challenge, his ice cream actually sold more pints when it hit store shelves. If that mini-win wasn't enough, the sponsor then awarded Jillette's charity, Opportunity Village, $100,000.

But there were a few people in the boardroom who didn't win anything on Sunday night -- the fired players who came back to watch the finale showdown. That group included dueling divas Omarosa and La Toya Jackson, who, thankfully, had a Gary Busey buffer between them.

What did you think of the "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" results?