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All right, all right, all right! Voice impressionist channels Matthew McConaughey

TODAY fans who might have been keeping more of an ear than an eye on the show Monday, take note: Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey did not visit the studio. But his voice certainly seemed like it did, thanks to spot-on celebrity impressionist Piotr Michael.

"When Ellen DeGeneres was passing out those pizzas, I was getting the munchies. I was thinking to myself, 'Forget the Oscar, I want me a piece of that pizza,'" drawled Michael in a super-familiar voice, channeling the man behind the McConaissance.

"That's terrific," grinned Kathie Lee Gifford.

While showcasing Christian Bale's slippery London and Bronx accents (the latter used in "American Hustle"), Michael noted of Bale's voice, "Sometimes he even forgets the way he talks. If you notice in some of his interviews he doesn't quite get what how to say things, sometimes maybe he's got to go back and talk to ("Batman" series co-star) Michael Caine."

He also ran through quickie versions of Bruce Dern (prompting Kathie Lee Gifford to suggest that she worried about Dern's breathing in "Nebraska" because he had "so much nasal hair") and even Charlie Sheen. 

These were all echoes of the voices Michael showcased in his mock-PSA "Academy Awards PSA With Celebrity Impressions" video that went up on YouTube last week, which has already racked up more than 173,000 views. 

We're crossing our fingers that his next stop is "The Tonight Show," because he and master vocal impressionist Jimmy Fallon definitely need an impression-off.