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'All My Children' creator visits Pine Valley one last time

How do you know a soap opera is winding down? The guest stars paying homage keep on a-comin'.

In the case of "All My Children," which ends its run on ABC in September, Carol Burnett and Sarah Michelle Gellar are among the cast veterans who have booked return appearances.

Now, the show's creator is also writing herself back in. Agnes Nixon, who has had a writing hand in most modern soap operas and created "All My Children," "One Life to Live" and the long-defunct "Loving," will reprise her role as Agnes Eckhart, a long-standing board member at Pine Valley Hospital. Her first episode will be on August 31 and will continue in an arc.

Nixon first appeared on the show as Eckhart in 2005, in a role created to celebrate the show's 35th anniversary. This time, according to a show press release, she will be admitted to the hospital and cross paths with Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci. Apparently she will have "a profound effect on all of the characters she interacts with that changes the course of their lives."

Interesting. Wonder what she'll have to say. Perhaps it's a bit of wishful meta-thinking, but how cool would it be if Eckhart decides to tell the residents of Pine Valley that they've been appearing in a melodrama for the past 40 years?

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