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It's Kitty's turn! 'To All the Boys' gets TV spinoff starring Anna Cathcart

Kitty Covey's love story is just beginning!
Kitty Covey is finally get her own love story! Netflix and Jenny Han announced that Anna Cathcart will start in the upcoming spinoff series, "XO, Kitty."
Kitty Covey is finally get her own love story! Netflix and Jenny Han announced that Anna Cathcart will start in the upcoming spinoff series, "XO, Kitty."Katie Yu / Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

Breakout star Anna Cathcart will return to the screen as her hilarious and loveable character Kitty Covey in a spinoff dramedy series from Netflix’s successful franchise, “To All the Boys I Loved Before.”

“The story isn’t over just yet,” Netflix shared on Monday. “’XO, Kitty,’ a spinoff series starring @annacathcart inspired by ‘To All the Boys’ is on its way to Netflix. “

The film will feature Cathcart’s Kitty, who thinks she knows everything about love moving halfway across the world to reunite with her long distance boyfriend. Once there, she will realize that relationships are much more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line, per the film’s logline.

“I bet you thought the story was over … that there wouldn’t be any more letters … But there’s one Covey sister — some might call her the favorite — whose love story is just beginning,” the short video clip shared Monday reads.

“as a wise woman once said ‘OH HELLL YESSS’” Cathcart wrote in the comments on Instagram.

“cat’s out of the bag, or should i say kitty @netflix grab your helmets kids this is gonna be a wild ride,” she wrote on her own Instagram page.

In this still from "To All the Boys: Always and Forever," Anna Cathcart as Kitty and Lana Condor as Lara Jean pose for a photo while in Seoul, South Korea.JUHAN NOH / NETFLIX (C) 2021

The original film featured Cathcart’s Kitty as a meddling tween who stole her sister Lara Jean’s five love letters and secretly mailed them out. The third film of the “To All the Boys I Loved Before” franchise featured the Covey family on spring break in Seoul, South Korea.

In one scene, they go to N Seoul Tower to look for a lock their mom had placed there years ago. Kitty asks a teen bystander to take their family picture and ends up dating the boy, named Dae.

“Kitty Song Covey has discovered boys,” her father, Dr. Covey, played by John Corbett, jokes. “God help ‘em.”

Later in the film, she threatens to break up with Dae because he “hates ‘Harry Potter,’” before Kitty is convinced not to end things, thanks to her father.

“Honey, it’s ok to have differences in relationships but if you feel the same way about everything, you’ll never grow,” he advises.

“So you’re saying I should try to change him?” Kitty asks.

“That’s very not what I’m saying,” Dr. Covey replies.

Presumably, the spinoff will feature Kitty trying to navigate her relationship with Dae and figuring out the world of love, on her own.

Jenny Han, the author of the original “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”book franchise, co-wrote the pilot of the TV series, which is slated to be 10 episodes, Variety reported.

“To my dearest @annacathcart — I’m so excited to go on this journey together,” Han posted on Instagram on Monday. “XO, Jenny.”