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Alicia Silverstone's son has some interesting ideas for a 'Clueless' sequel

According to Bear, Cher is a heavy drinker and a makeup artist.
/ Source: TODAY

We may never get to see "Clueless" character Cher stride confidently across our big screens again, but that doesn't mean fans of the movie don't have dreams about where she might be today.

That includes Bear, the 8-year-old son of star Alicia Silverstone, as she told "Entertainment Tonight" recently.

Ever since Bear saw the film (at a screening in a cemetery!) he apparently has been writing a little fan fiction, she said. "He'll bring little things (about the movie) up. One night we were laying in bed and he wrote 'Clueless Part 2' and what/where Cher would be. It was unbelievable what he thought."

CLUELESS, Alicia Silverstone, 1995
Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless"Everett Collection

In "Clueless," which came out in 1995, Silverstone's Cher was a popular, fashion-conscious high school student trying to give her pal a makeover and a new boyfriend, which didn't quite go as planned. Based on Jane Austen's "Emma," it was both comedic and instantly iconic.

So what was Bear envisioning? Apparently, he thought "she was an alcoholic, but he didn't say those words," Silverstone, 43, continued. "He was like, 'She drinks a lot and maybe she's a makeup artist? Like a professional makeup artist.'"

This, naturally, was hilarious for mom Silverstone (Bear's dad is her ex, Christopher Jarecki). "The way his mind was going about it was really killing me," she said. "The biggest thing he took away from the movie when he saw it was the kiss. He hadn't really seen a kiss like that, so from then on he's been trying to kiss me like that, like 'Mmmmmmm' — grabbing me and trying to get his tongue in there. I was like, 'Oh, no, this is why we don't show (him the movie!)'"

Turning 25 this year, "Clueless" has clearly been very influential and enduring; a pop-up restaurant celebrating the film has been in the works, though thanks to the current pandemic everything is on hold. And last year, several cast members had a mini-reunion!

But while there was talk last October about a small-screen reboot of the film by CBS Television Studios (it would be a mystery story this time around), we haven't heard much since an initial announcement.

And don't expect a sequel, despite Bear's best efforts, says Silverstone. "I don't think (writer/director) Amy Heckerling's down for that. It's not in my hands. I think what's really hard about 'Clueless' to redo it is that Cher learns how to become a whole human. Where do you pick her up? Do you pick her up from the evolved self or do you pick up from she's relapsed and now she's back to her old ways? I don't know where you go."