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Alexis Bledel reveals 'humiliating' moment from her time on 'Gilmore Girls'

Bledel reflected on her "Gilmore Girls" experience during a chat with Andy Cohen.
/ Source: TODAY

During the "Watch What Happens Live After Show" Sunday night, host Andy Cohen interviewed the cast of "The Handmaid's Tale" and didn't miss an opportunity to ask Alexis Bledel about her time on "Gilmore Girls."

Cohen cut to the chase with his most pressing questions — including one that led Bledel to reveal something that actually humiliated her on the show.

"Be honest: Which of the Stars Hollow townsfolk annoyed you the most?" Cohen inquired, referencing the fictional Connecticut town where the show took place.

"None of them," Bledel said, sidestepping the question.

"But I was really annoyed when they put me in a silly costume for a town event," she shared, referring to Stars Hollow's famed festivals. "That was humiliating."

Bledel answered a series of questions about her time on "Gilmore Girls," including one about working alongside Lauren Graham.Alamy

Cohen had begun his line of questioning by asking about her character Rory's boyfriends through the seasons.

"Who do you think Rory ultimately should have ended up with: Jess, Logan or Dean?" Cohen wondered.

"Jeagan?" Bledel replied, trying to make an amalgam of her love interests' names. "I can't single somebody out."

"How naturally did it come to you and Lauren Graham to speak so fast?" asked Cohen regarding the rapid-fire quips between mother Lorelai and daughter Rory that were famous on the show.

"Pretty naturally after a few seasons," answered Bledel.

"Roughly how much actual coffee do you believe you and Lauren Graham ingested during the run of the show?" Cohen asked, a reference to time spent at Luke's Diner.

"So much," Bledel answered easily.

"You practically grew up in front of the camera as Rory. What lessons did you learn from Stars Hollow that you applied to your own life?" he asked.

"Do your work and then feast," Bledel answered.

Finally, Cohen asked Bledel who the last cast member she texted was.

"Lauren," Bledel answered matter-of-factly, to which Cohen responded with an "awww!"

"We love that," he said, no doubt speaking for all fans of the show.

Bledel's "Gilmore Girls" co-star Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes on the show, recently launched a podcast on which he will revisit all 154 episodes of the show. The podcast, titled "I Am All In," takes its name from Luke's famous declaration to Lorelai in season five of the show.