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Alex’s past hookup will be revealed on ‘Grey’s’

This may not make Izzie happy, but viewers are about to find out about another of Dr. Karev’s former flings. Plus, spoilers on “Glee,” “NCIS” and more.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: Anything good coming up for Alex on “Grey’s Anatomy”? —Jesse

Ausiello: I don’t know if Izzie would consider this good, but the Feb. 18 episode will answer this burning question: Which of Seattle Grace’s other female docs has Alex hooked up with in the past?

Question: Any news on who is going to play Debbie Pelt on “True Blood”? —Henry

Ausiello: Big news: The role’s been cast!

Question: Ausiello, I really need some “Glee” scoop. —Lucio

Ausiello: If you liked last fall’s “Wheels” installment, then rumor has it you’re going to love the third episode back. And by love I mean cry like a teething baby that’s just been dropped on its head. It’s probably no coincidence that both episodes share the same Emmy-winning director: Paris Barclay.

Question: Any updates on Neil Patrick Harris’ “Glee” appearance? Is it definitely happening? —Evan

Ausiello: While there’s nothing official to report yet, a major — and perhaps final — hurdle has been cleared: CBS has signed off on the deal.

Question: I can’t go another Ask Ausiello without some major “90210” scoop! It’s bad enough new episodes don’t start back up ’till March 9th! —Kenny

Ausiello: Annie’s hit-and-run story will come to a surprising conclusion in the season finale, but the repercussions will carry over into season 3. Also, I’m hearing Liam and Naomi hit a rough patch (shocker!), and he’ll turn to Annie for (cough) support. That was a real cough, BTW. I wasn’t trying to suggest that (cough) support stood for something else.

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Ausiello: They’ve set a date… to date! Dunder-Mifflin’s newest crushing co-workers will embark on their first date in the March 11 episode. Naturally, there’s a wrinkle. And if you pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday) and turn to The Ausiello Files, you’ll find out what it is.

Question: I am dying (of boredom) and my final wish is for a juicy “Smallville” spoiler. —Sarita

Ausiello: I hope you survive long enough to catch the Valentine’s Day-themed episode on Feb. 19, because it features two things no “Smallville” fan should miss: Lois dancing in a wedding dress and a catfight between Chloe and Tess!

Question: Have you heard when “Lie to Me” will be coming back? —Angela

Ausiello: The show’s boss, Shawn Ryan, tweeted earlier this week that the “most likely outcome is a long run of all-new eps starting in May/June.”

Question: Any “Big Bang Theory” scoops? —Brooke

Ausiello: This is probably the closest the show will come to doing a musical episode: In the March 1 eppy, Raj will communicate solely through song courtesy of an MP3 shirt.

Question: Is Chris Noth going to become a series regular on “The Good Wife”? I love the show, but it wouldn’t be the same without that character (and actor). — J Scout

Ausiello: I’m told Noth will return next season in pretty much the same special-guest-star capacity.

Question: Any “Gossip Girl” spoilers? —Helen

Ausiello: Just this one: I**e*e*t **o*o*al.

Question: How about a scoop on this week’s winter finale of “Fringe”? —Will

Ausiello: On the Peter/Olivia romance front, there’s a near-kiss, and a maybe-date. On the “Over Here”/”Over There” mythology front, Olivia has a major revelation about Peter after she returns to Jacksonville (a.k.a. the site of her experimentation at the hands of Walter).

Question: When will Astrid get her own storyline on “Fringe”? —Thomas

Ausiello: According to consulting producer Akiva Goldsman, “One of the things we’re talking about for next season is seeing some more of her life, understanding her more, and giving her some time to shoulder more episodes.”

Question: When are we going to meet Abby’s family on “NCIS”? —Ellen

Ausiello: In less than seven years. “We waited seven seasons to meet DiNozzo’s father,” notes exec producer Shane Brennan with a laugh. “We’re not going to wait [that long] to introduce one of Abby’s relatives. And I wouldn’t even say her relatives — I’d say more of her personal life. The audience loves Abby and I think there’s a lot of rich detail to be explored with that character, so, yes, it will happen.”

Question: You recently fielded “NCIS” questions regarding potential romances for Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Abby and McGee, but what about Ducky? What does the future hold for everyone’s favorite chatty British medical examiner? —SR

Ausiello: “Ducky is hiding a secret that the rest of the team is determined to find out,” teases Shane Brennan. “And it’s not what they think it is.”

Question: Are we ever going to find out what it is that Vance shredded on “NCIS”? —Troy

Ausiello: “The fans just won’t let that one go, will they?” laughs Shane Brennan. “We actually addressed part of that — almost all of it, in fact — in ‘Knockout.’ We’ve put a lot of that to rest, but there is still one more question that will be posed and then answered about our hard-nosed director. It won’t be this season, though.”

Question: I have a “Chuck” query. I was wondering if anyone else will be finding out about Chuck’s secret in the near future? —Jenny

Ausiello: If by near future you mean this season then yes, someone else will be finding out about Chuck’s secret in the near future. In fact, this unnamed individual will not only uncover the truth about Chuck’s other life, he/she will end up joining him on a mission. And if you saw Monday’s immensely entertaining and hugely pivotal episode, you know it can really only be one of two people.

Question: I just saw the “Lost” premiere, and it was amazing. Since we don’t have a real name for the new bad Locke, I’m trying to get this nickname to spread in the media. He shall be known as… Dreadlocke. Because he causes dread. Corny as hell, but the name fits. Can you help it spread in popularity by using the term? —Collin

Ausiello: I don’t get it. Explain it to me again?

Question: Can you please throw us a bone on your latest blind item? I would love some real-life drama that isn’t my own. Come on, pretty please with a Snapple on top?! —Elise

Ausiello: It isn’t Seth MacFarlane and Stewie. Or is it?

Question: Could you please share some scoop about “Desperate Housewives”? —Julien

Ausiello: There’s a big story coming up for Gaby that will find the ex-catwalker returning to her runway roots in New York.

Question: You rock for bringing us that fantastic clip from Monday’s Cuddy-centric episode of “House.” You would rock even more if you told us if there’s any good Huddy action in the episode. —Tammy

Ausiello: Cuddy interrupts an intimate moment between a naked House and another woman. And this isn’t Huddy-related, but Generation Xers should be forewarned that there’s something — actually, someone — in the episode that will make you feel really old. Speaking of “House,” did you see the huge news?

Question: I need some “30 Rock” gossip! —Courtney

Ausiello: Major spoiler alert: Jack Donaghy has a heart! Seriously. The shocking reveal takes place in this week’s episode when the soulless suit goes out of his way to avoid crushing someone’s hopes and dreams. All I’ll say is it involves the arrival of Jenna’s mother, played by the hilarious and much-missed Jan Hooks.

Question: Week after week after week I ask for some “Legend of the Seeker” scoop, and week after week after week my hopes are dashed. But you won’t break me. I’ll keep on asking you. So, what’s coming up on one of the most underrated shows on television? —Jeff

Ausiello: Go out and buy yourself one of those Win for Life lottery scratch-offs, because today is your lucky day. Exec producer Ken Biller just dropped this mammoth spoiler on my lap: “One of our leads — I won’t say who — is going to die.” Wait, there’s more! In an episode slated to air later this month, “Kahlen is going to suddenly find herself without her powers, which not only puts her in danger, but also creates a situation in which she is potentially no longer a danger to Richard. The question [then] becomes, ‘Can they in fact be together?’ Of course as the episode unfolds, we realize everything is not what it seems. The situation is far more complicated than it originally appears.”

Question: Any “Vampire Diaries” scoop? I really loved the Damon and Elena interaction we got. Will we get more? —Jezz

Ausiello: Indeed you will. “Damon is obsessed with Elena’s doppelganger, and if one day Elena’s doppelganger is not in the picture, it’s an immediate transference,” explains exec producer Julie Plec. “We’ll see him have an evolution of feelings for her. And, over time, we’ll see her wonder if there’s something redeemable about this guy.”

Question: Any “Brothers & Sisters” scoop? —Joanne

Ausiello: The “shocking and transformative secret” at the center of the two-hour flashback-heavy episode this April will emerge during a circa 1986 Walker family event, according to showrunner David Marshall Grant. The episode will also take us “back to the day of our pilot, which is when William died,” reveals Grant. “We’ll look at the pilot from a different angle and [discover something] we didn’t know happened that day.”

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(Additional reporting by Archana Ram and Keith Staskiewicz)