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Alec Baldwin does a spot-on Tracy Morgan impression for 'Conan'

The comic genius of Tracy Morgan baffles many. He's funny, but he's also usually appears to exist on a different plane than the rest of us. And even his co-workers over at "30 Rock" -- like Alec Baldwin -- aren't always privy to the inner workings of his brain.

On Monday night's "Conan," Baldwin explored some Morgan non sequiturs, such as the time he walked into Morgan's dressing room during the show's first season. It was 7 a.m. and Baldwin found a very tired Morgan watching old Michael Jackson specials from the 1970s.

Baldwin stood up and did a little Jackson 5 dancin' and singin' for the audience, then dropped into an impeccable imitation of Tracy Morgan's slightly zoned-out tones: "Michael, man. He was powerful."

"He's a man-child," said Baldwin of the comedian. "He's very sweet and very sensitive."

Check out the clip for some more top-notch impersonation!

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