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Alba’s wedding may have been strategic move

Not only did the star manage to hide her nuptials in Ashlee Simpson’s spotlight, she garnered tremendous public respect for the move.

Jessica Alba’s May 19 wedding to boyfriend Cash Warren might be one the most strategically sound decisions the actress has made in her career.

For starters, by marrying just after Ashlee Simpson’s May 17 nuptials to Pete Wentz, Alba was all but guaranteed a certain level of privacy — photographers and reporters were simply too distracted to pick up on any hints that Alba and Warren would be marrying.

On a publicity level, Alba’s courthouse wedding garnered her tremendous public respect, according to one industry insider. “If you’re going to get pregnant, then get married, this is the way to do it. On the same day that Jessica’s wedding was announced, people were hearing the early details about Ashlee’s wedding. They’re wondering whether she’s pregnant under that dress, while the Jessica Alba’s fans are just happy for her.”

Another point to consider — even if just coincidence — is that Alba’s publicist, Brad Cafarelli, used to be the publicist for Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson. “The way this has stolen Ashlee’s thunder, he (Alba’s rep) can’t help but be loving it right now,” said the source.

When asked for comment about Alba’s wedding strategy, Cafarelli said, “We are only confirming that they were married on Monday, no other details.”

Brangelina’s $20 million babies
Life and Style magazine is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have set aside a cool $20 million in order to bring their twin babies into the world safely, and in France. So how does the math work out?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (and their growing family) travel the world for worthy causes.

The magazine lists a few of their expenses:

  • $332,000 is going toward a helicopter, which remains on call for when Jolie goes into labor
  • $3.3 million is the cost for the Florentine-style villa in the French Riviera that the couple reportedly rents
  • and nearly $100,000 goes to the nine cars the couple is renting.

Check out the issue on stands for the rest of the details, but Life & Style sums up the expenditures nicely: “Money is no object when it comes to the kids.”

Lohan camp angry over Letterman slipWhen David Letterman mistakenly referred to 14-year-old Ali Lohan as Lindsay during Ali’s May 20 appearance (she was on to plug her new reality show, “Living Lohan”), Ali and Letterman both laughed it off. The joke is over though, according to a source close to the family.

“It’s a sticky area because Ali’s rising star is both enabled and discredited by her sister’s notoriety,” said the source. “Ali doesn’t want to ride Lindsay’s coattails, and Dina has always believed Ali is a great talent in her own right.”

That said, there’s some concern that Ali’s budding fame could quickly take a turn toward notoriety. “When he calls her Lindsay, it reminds everyone of how much she emulates her sister’s behavior — she’s basically adopted her voice and look. We can expect it will be hard for Ali to stay out of the tabloids.”