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'Alaska' packs bad news for the Palins

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the part-travelogue, part-self-promotion series airing on TLC, is suddenly bringing the state’s former first family nothing but bad news.

First off, Willow Palin’s boyfriend, the baby-gate-hopper from the first episode of the docu-series, is making headlines for his own Willow-worthy Facebook rant, complete with racial and homophobic slurs.

Life & Style magazine caught Andy Almon referring to Imran Chaudhry, a young Pakistani man who dared comment of the subject of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” as a “f---kn raghead” who came off as “queer.”

After Chaudhry pointed out that he understood where the show’s online critics were coming from, writing, “They might not enjoy the show that much, which is completely legitimate,” Almon shot back.

“Don’t you got to go paise ala (sic) or some s--t,” Almon wrote. ‘F--kn raghead.’

The exchange took place during the same rant that recently earned Almon’s gal pal so much attention.

In another bit of bad fortune for the Palins, following last week’s record-breaking ratings, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" saw a steep decline, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Not only did the politician’s project lose 40 percent of its premiere night viewers with Sunday night’s follow-up, but of the 3 million remaining, a scant 885,000 are from the advertiser-friendly 18-49 crowd.