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Alan Thicke sums up new show: It's 'Honey Boo Boo meets Larry David'

"Growing Pains" star Alan Thicke is returning to the small screen for a new show, but this time he won't be playing a character like Jason Seaver. The actor will just be himself in his new reality TV show, "Unusually Thicke" — well, sort of.

"We're kind of a pseudo-reality, quasi-comedy, semi-fictional fun fest," Thicke said of his somewhat-scripted show during a Monday morning visit to TODAY. "We're kind of Honey Boo Boo meets Larry David. (We're) looking for that sweet spot."

It's a spot that will see him and his family tackle reality with some less than real reactions.

"It's a real family in real-life situations, but with a bit of a wink to a sitcom plot, if you will," he said. "So we deal with things that are really happening."

For instance?

"I was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame, so some big shot celebrity tributes turn it into a roast," Thicke recalled. "There's another (episode) where I'm offered the job as the spokesperson for a male enhancement pill. ... Of course the family's outraged I turned it down — and then David Hasselhoff gets it. Outrage!"

An ongoing theme in the series will be the will they/won't they debate between Thicke and his wife, Tanya Callau, about having another child. (He has three children from previous marriages, including singer Robin Thicke, who "pops in a couple of times" on the show.) But whether or not he chooses to become a dad again, Thicke will always be best known as a classic sitcom father, and that's just fine by him.

"I'm happy that that's kind of what I stand for in a way," he said. "If I could have been a better person, I would have been Jason Seaver."

"Unusually Thicke" airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TV Guide Network.