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You can call him Al! Watch Al Roker meet his doppelgänger

The TODAY weatherman has finally met his match!
/ Source: TODAY

His real name is Lee Jenkins, but this week, you can call him Al.

As TODAY continues to celebrate National Doppelgänger Week, Jenkins came face-to-face with his real-life double, Al Roker. The resemblance between the two is so striking that Jenkins has actually passed for the weatherman on a few occasions — most recently Tuesday morning on the TODAY plaza!

TODAY doppelgangers: Watch Al Roker meet his look-alike*
We thought Al Roker was an original - until we met Lee Jenkins! Nathan Congleton / TODAY

The retired consultant from Kentucky said he’s been wanting to meet Al for a long time.

“I’ve been waiting five years. I was in the last doppelgänger contest, and they selected me but I couldn’t come. And so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting,” he said.


But Jenkins said he started bearing a likeness to Al long before that.

“I guess from the time he lost weight and I lost hair — so about 10 years or so,” he said.

On Monday, TODAY revealed Dylan Dreyer’s doppelgänger, Christina Brooks, a mother of two from South Carolina, who was “spot on,” said Craig Melvin.

“I thought there's no way we can top that,” Sheinelle Jones said.

But then TODAY did.

TODAY doppelgangers: Watch Al Roker meet his look-alike
Which one is Al? Lee Jenkins is on the left!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Jenkins said he’s used his likeness to Al to his advantage, but only on rare occasions.

Once, while waiting in line at a Florida restaurant, his friends urged him to say he was Al in hopes of reducing their 40-minute wait.

“And so I said, ‘Roker’ and ‘Al,’ and about 10 minutes later: ‘Mr. Roker, your table is ready,’” Jenkins recalled, prompting his doppelgänger to erupt in laugher.

“Any time I can be of any assistance,” the real Al said.

But Jenkins said he's never used the similarity to get his dinner tab picked up or anything like that.

"Nothing free!" he insisted.