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How sweet it is! Al Roker joins the cast of 'Waitress' on Broadway

For six weeks this fall, Al Roker will take on a role in Broadway's "Waitress."
/ Source: TODAY

It's no longer pie in the sky: Al Roker is going to Broadway, joining the cast of "Waitress"!

Al Roker is going to Broadway!NBC

The TODAY weatherman revealed on Wednesday that he'll be playing "Ol' Joe" in the award-winning Broadway musical — and he'll even be singing!

"Real people will pay real money to watch me!" he quipped to his fellow TODAY anchors.

"Ol' Joe" is a curmudgeonly diner owner who ultimately turns out to be not that bad of a guy, and while playing the part Al will sing a thoughtful, key song he's been rehearsing: "Take It From an Old Man."

"As a singer, I'm a terrific weatherman," he noted.

The role was originally played by Andy Griffith in the 2007 movie "Waitress," which starred Keri Russell.

In the 2007 film "Waitress," Andy Griffith (seen here with star Keri Russell) played the role of the cranky diner owner. Courtesy Everett Collection

"Waitress" tells the story of Jenna, a whiz at creating amazing desserts (especially pies) in a small Southern diner. She's married to a guy who's a real jerk, and when she learns she's pregnant she decides to leave town — but becomes romantically entangled with the town doctor, who knows her secret.

Waitress features music and lyrics by pop star Sara Bareilles, who co-starred in "Jesus Christ Superstar Live!" She's also starred as Jenna on and off during production's three-year Broadway run.

Sara Bareilles has served it up in "Waitress" several times, and she also wrote the music and lyrics for the show.Getty Images

So get your tickets now! You'll only be able to catch Al for six weeks (October 5 through November 11). We couldn't be more excited to see him get his just "desserts"!

After all, as Al noted, "Beauty is in the pie of the beholder."

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