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Al Franken urges New Yorkers to shout

Comedian wants them to scream when President Bush accepts the nomination at the Republican National Convention next week.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Al Franken wants you to get up out of your chairs, open your windows, stick your heads out and yell...fuggedaboutdit?

Well, yes.

In the spirit of Paddy Chayefsky’s classic movie monologue from “Network,” the liberal comedian Wednesday urged New Yorkers — and other Americans — to simultaneously scream the all-purpose local wisecrack at the moment that President Bush accepts the nomination.

“This is a form of protest that is very non-disruptive,” Franken said at a press conference in the Park Avenue office of Air America radio network, where he hosts a talk show.

Franken said the Sept. 2 protest, called the “Great American Shout-Out,” will not “tax our public safety system at all.”

“This is our way of venting,” Franken added. “It will be a catharsis.”

Franken said he expected the shouts to last less than five minutes. Out of “respect for the office of the presidency,” he asked that participants quiet down once Bush begins speaking so “people can hear him give a bad speech.”

Franken said he expects 100 million people nationwide to participate, adding: “Anything less would be a horrific failure.”

Unlike the movie version — “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” — this protest has been tailor-made for regional dialects, Franken said.

In his native Minnesota, people are to yell “Oh no ya don’t!” in an exaggerated accent.

In California, the suggested shout is: “No way, dude!”

Air America has created a Web site,, where participants can plan “shout parties” or let their solo shout be counted.

Air America began on five stations around the country on March 31 as a left-leaning political alternative to conservative talk radio. It now airs on 23 stations nationwide.