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Airline passenger projects 'The Patriot' onto overhead bins during flight

During a flight from Greece to Singapore, a passenger projected the movie "The Patriot" onto the flight's overhead bin.

Douglas Lazickirk says he thought he’d seen everything there was to see on a plane until a fellow passenger projected a movie on the overhead bin of his flight to Greece while up in the air.

Speaking to, the 29-year-old from Australia described the experience that he captured on his cellphone in May and later uploaded to TikTok, where it recently went viral.

“Everything was normal. (The flight) was actually pretty full,” he says, adding that sometime after food service, attendants turned the lights off. “And then, I looked up, and there’s this projector screen playing like a couple of seats in front of me.”

In Lazickirk’s video, the 2000 movie “The Patriot” —which stars Mel Gibson and the late actor Heath Ledger —can be seen projected onto the interior of the plane.

Curious, Lazickirk got up and had a look around and found that the projection was coming from a man seated in the center of the plane who had three seats to himself.

“He had his little pocket projector, and he’s playing the film,” he adds. “I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it.”

He was traveling from Athens, Greece, to Singapore as part of a personal goal to travel to all 195 countries of the world. Having already visited 147 countries in the past few years, Lazickirk — who works as a school teacher, a property investor and at a supermarket to pay for travel — has been on plenty of flights.

“II thought I’d seen everything” he emphasizes. “But I was looking around, and it was like everyone had seen (something like this) 100 times.”

According to Lazickirk, no one complained, and not a single flight attendant who walked by said anything to the man.

More, because the man had used subtitles in the movie, fellow passengers watched the movie, too.

“Everyone was watching it — all glued to it,” he explains, still baffled. “I don’t know if he does this often, but he was very comfortable. He was at home in his living room.”

Lazickirk says that when the credits went up and the movie was over, the unknown passenger didn’t go for a double feature.

With the movie proving to have not been a disturbance, Lazickirk says he’s of the opinion that the screening worked out “perfectly,” especially for such a long flight on a low-cost airline with no entertainment.

“If I was him, I would sell popcorn next time on board,” Lazickirk jokes.