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'AGT' winner Kenichi Ebina shocked: I thought I'd get third or fourth at best

When dancer, contortionist and special effects man Kenichi Ebina won "America's Got Talent" Wednesday night, it came as no surprise to faithful followers of the show. After all, Ebina's routines proved fan favorites time and time again.

But the win was a surprise to one person — Ebina himself. The brand new millionaire (and soon-to-be headliner on the Vegas Strip) stopped by TODAY Thursday and explained his shock.

"Nooooooo!" That was Ebina's reaction when asked if he really thought he'd nab top honors on the show. "Honestly, I thought I would end up with third or fourth. So when I got into the top two, I was like, 'Oh! What am I going to do?'"

Win, as it turned out — which now seems like an even more impressive feat considering the fact that Ebina had very little chance to sleep in the days before his final performances.

"I'm always thinking, 'What (will) I do?' Thinking about the routine — how I put the show together?" the dancer said of how he spent the last couple of weeks.

Now that pressure is behind him, the only moves he has to worry about are the ones he'll take to Vegas.