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After eight seasons, 'Weeds' ends on a high note

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Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin.

Spoiler alert! If you didn't tune in to Sunday night's series-ending episode of "Weeds" and you want to remain in the dark on the plot points, stop reading right here.

It's over! After eight seasons, Showtime's comedy "Weeds" ended Sunday night. The final episode of the series saw familiar faces return and took a long look at the future for fast-dealing momma Nancy Botwin.

It all started much the way the series did, with Nancy standing in the midst of a PTA meeting. Only this time, she did so from nearly eight years in the future. And a lot happened during those years.

Nancy, now the owner of a successful chain of marijuana cafes  -- which is all perfectly legal in this future, married Rabbi Dave. Sadly, that only lasted so long. Rabbi Dave died, making Nancy a widow -- again.

As for everyone else: Silas and Megan got married and had a child. Boozy Shane had seen better days. And remember Isabelle? She had a sex change.

Oh, and Andy had a kid of his own -- just to make things a little more complicated.

The final story touched on all the big changes and wrapped up loose ends before settling in on one last sentimental moment with the core cast as they sat together and lit up one last time.

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