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Affleck plans USO visit to Persian Gulf

The actor will sign autographs and visit with the troops
/ Source: Reuters

As speculation about the future of on-again, off-again sweethearts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continues unabated, there is at least one place fans can be assured Affleck won’t be for the holidays -- home.

The United Services Organization, USO, Wednesday said Affleck will head to the Persian Gulf this Christmas and New Year season to shake hands with troops and show off his new movie, science fiction flick “Paycheck,” directed by John Woo.

“He will be spending the holidays with the troops,” said USO spokeswoman Donna St. John.

As a general rule, the USO does not publish dates or locations of celebrity visits to U.S. troops overseas.

In a statement, the USO said only that Affleck “will sign autographs, participate in photo sessions and tour duty stations at various locations” in the Persian Gulf.

Will they or won't they?Affleck and actress/singer Lopez had been scheduled to wed back in September but the ceremony was “postponed” due to the media frenzy surrounding it. Since then, media outlets around the world have speculated as to whether they were still a couple and, if so, when a wedding might take place.

In recent press interviews in Los Angeles to promote “Paycheck,” Affleck was asked whether he and his “sweetheart” would be married, and his reply was to joke that since the state of Massachusetts OK'd Gay marriages, he and best friend Matt Damon were tying the knot.

“I think it’s important to address (that issue). It is now legal in Massachusetts and Matt and I have set a date,” he said to laughter that sufficiently deflecting the question.

“Paycheck,” directed by John Woo and based on a short story written by Philip Dick, tells of a genius engineer who creates a machine that can change life for the better but, in the wrong hands, can change human existence as we know it.

The non-profit USO has been arranging entertainment and providing other services for U.S. military troops since World War II.