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Adele forgets the lyrics to her own song onstage and has the best reaction

Adele: She forgets things, too! JUST LIKE US!
/ Source: TODAY

Adele: She forgets things, too! SHE'S JUST LIKE US!

... Except while the rest of us are frantically searching for lost umbrellas and receipts and all the other mundane things that typically are forgotten in our messy drawers, homes and cars, Adele's forgetting lyrics onstage in front of, oh, thousands of people while on tour to promote her latest chart-topping album, "25."

It's fine. She's still just like us. Right?!

Here's how it seems to have went down, according to a brief Twitter video capturing the funny moment: Adele's halfway through a line of one of her own songs when she realizes she has no idea what's to come next. She slides from the melody straight into: "S**t, wrong words. S**t, s**t, s**t. Should I sing the right words? Sorry."

Judging from the big smile on her face, though, this is one moment Adele's ready to laugh at and, well, forget. We're pretty sure she went ahead and re-sang the right words after the flub, too.

And if the 28-year-old Grammy winner's fans' cheers and laughter in the background is any indication of how they felt about the whole thing ... we think she's got nothing to worry about.

Apparently this isn't her first issue with lyrics onstage. She halted a performance in Manchester earlier this year because, simply put: "I don't know the f**king words."