Adele and Ellen teamed up for a hidden-camera prank and the results are hilarious

/ Source: TODAY

We didn't expect to see Adele standing in a Jamba Juice, eating wheatgrass and getting her hair brushed by her (fake) assistant.

But we're so happy we did.

Adele was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, and the two had some fun pranking employees at Jamba Juice. Adele was the one in the store, but Ellen told her exactly what to say (and do), and of course, the whole thing was caught on camera.

The employees were pretty good sports throughout the prank — they do as Adele's "assistant" asks and treat the star normally — but you can see the bewilderment on their faces throughout the entire video.

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"I'll take a large, but can I have it in a small cup?" Adele asks.

"Large in a small cup?" the employee at the cash register responds, understandably confused.

There's good news for the employees trying to figure out what she wants, though. "Money is no object," she confirms. "You know what? I'll take all of them," she says, ordering one of each smoothie.

Bewilderment strikes again when Adele uses scissors to cut wheatgrass from behind the counter and begins chomping on the (probably incredibly unappetizing) plant right there. She then pulls out a bottle of amaretto from her purse and asks if the employees can add that to her smoothie.

"I don't think we can do this," the cashier hesitates, clearly not wanting to turn Adele down, "I mean I can give you this, put it in your purse, and drink it for later."

So Adele, mercifully letting the employee off the hook, takes a swig from her bottle and passes it over to her assistant, who takes her own sip.

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The employees truly look baffled when Adele asks, "Do I pay? I'm a celebrity. Do I have to pay?"

"With my manager's approval, maybe you could get it free," the cashier responds.

When Adele tells him that DeGeneres will pay since this has been a prank, the employee's relief is palpable. "Oh, really? I thought you were crazy!"

Well played, Ellen and Adele, well played.

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