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Adele accepts couple's wedding invitation onstage — if she can find Montana

Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen may be saying "I do" in front of Adele next year — if she can find Montana.
/ Source: TODAY

Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen may be saying "I do" in front of Adele next year — if the singer can find Montana.

Adele asked Vince Rossi, left, and Ryan Salonen to join her onstage at her sold-out Los Angeles concert on Aug. 9.Courtesy Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen

Rossi, 25, and Salonen, 26, were coaxed onstage by the British superstar during one of her recent sold-out shows at L.A.'s Staples Center. The couple, who've been together for 7 1/2 years, invited the "Hello" singer to their wedding in September 2017 — and she said yes!

Meeting Adele "was a dream come true," Rossi, a singer in the L.A. pop duo Winslet, told TODAY. "She's just so incredible. Of all the pop stars, everyone feels the most connected to her because her music is so honest. She's really the voice of a generation."

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“She was so down-to-earth and so genuine," added Salonen, an actor who's appeared on "Glee" and "Pretty Little Liars," among other TV shows.

Adele noticed the duo, who were in the 16th row, because of their ecstatic dancing during the up-tempo "Rumour Has It."

In a YouTube video shot that night, the 28-year-old singer can be heard asking to meet the men — "because they were dancing like no one was watching, but I was,” the singer says coyly.

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Once onstage, the men tell Adele of their upcoming nuptials in Salonen's hometown of Great Falls, Montana. When the singer confesses she has no idea where Montana is, Salonen provides a quick geography lesson. Then, the couple extends their invite.

"Oh, I'm free! I would love to come," she replies, adding that her "Adele Live 2016" tour will be wrapped up by then.

Meeting Adele "was a dream come true" for Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen.Courtesy Vince Rossi and Ryan Salonen

The night before the show, Rossi dreamed that the Grammy winner, who often invites fans onstage, would call them up.

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"We woke up that morning and I told Ryan about it, and I was joking with him going, 'OK, I kind of saw this and I kind of feel like if it happens we have to invite her to the wedding,'" Rossi told TODAY.

Do they think Adele will really show up to see them walk down the aisle?

"She’ll be done with her tour, and she’s never been to Montana,” said Ryan hopefully. "But I think for us, we would just like to somehow make her know how much this has all meant to us."

"We’re hopeful that if we send her an invitation, we can let her know, and also just show her our appreciation," he added.

"At the end of the day," said Rossi, "we just want to send her a thank-you note."