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Addison may get shot at happiness on ‘Practice’

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has been teasing for weeks that someone on ‘Private Practice’ is going to die, and now he reveals more. Plus sp oilers for “Grey’s” and more.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: Any more clues on who dies on “Private Practice”? —Katie

Ausiello: Well, Addison was already a long shot, but considering what happens to her in the finale, I can’t imagine Shonda Rhimes would be so cruel as to kill her. [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] “You’ve watched her get really beat up all season,” says the boss lady, so “I wanted to sort of see her have a chance at really being happy…to finally sort of get the guy and find some peace.” (No word if the guy she gets is named Pete or Sam.)

Question: Do you know anything about “House’s” season finale? —Eva

Ausiello: I know it will raise some big questions about a certain character’s future on the show.

Question: Please give me some “The Good Wife” scoop! —Hayley

Ausiello: Look for Alicia to make a pact with the devil — a.k.a. Eli — in order to save her job in the May 11 episode.

Question: Shonda Rhimes said she was done playing with the on-again/off-again relationship between Meredith and Derek on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but all this “game-changing” finale talk has me worried she’s going to pull them apart. What can you tell me? —Constance

Ausiello: I can tell you to relax. Better yet, Rhimes can tell you herself: “[Der-Mer] are pretty solid going into the finale,” she assures. “For once, Meredith is the mother hen in the group, as opposed to being the one who’s messed up.”

Question: Scoop on Owen/Cristina on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Is Teddy out of the picture for good? —Barrie

Ausiello: Teddy may be the least of their problems. Word is someone else is going to complicate their already-troubled romance, and the identity of that person is…revealed in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Thursday!

Question: Can we expect any Twin Towers-type surprises when Walter and Co. head back “over there” in “Fringe’s” two-part finale? —Joel

Ausiello: Yes, but exec producer Jeff Pinkner tells me the jolts will be “more personal in nature” for the team. Adds fellow e.p J.H. Wyman: “The Alt Universe is different from our own world in ways that are both delightful and disturbing.”

Question: I know a lot of people write off “Cougar Town” because of the title, but it’s gone from good to great. I love seeing flashes of early “Scrubs” brilliance! Any scoop on the last few episodes this season? —Pat

Ausiello: I agree wholeheartedly about your good-to-great assessment. In fact, ABC’s “Modern Family”-“Cougar Town” hour is thisclose to overtaking NBC’s “Office”-“30 Rock” juggernaut as my fave comedy block on TV. On the C-Town scoop front, something big is happening in May sweeps. And that something involves [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] the words Jules, Grayson, and fornication.

Question: Alyson Hannigan tweeted that she just recorded a role for “The Simpsons.” Got deets? Is this “How I Met Your Mother”-related? —Jenny

Ausiello: Nope. When Lisa’s substitute music teacher becomes the latest object of Skinner’s affection, the prince sets up Bart as a distraction for her zany daughter — Hannigan. The episode — titled “Flaming Moe” because the A-plot involves the barkeep and Smithers turning the local pub into a gay bar for non-hunks — will air in January 2011.

Question: What are the odds Will and Terri will get back together on “Glee”? I know she’s been a psycho to Will, but I kind of like them together. —Kristin

Ausiello: You’re not gonna like it, but I have a definitive answer for you. “No, no, no!” series creator Ryan Murphy blusters. “They have a horrible divorce that starts [later this season]. They are making each other miserable.” Adds Matthew Morrison: “[Will] is fully realizing the extent of the negativity and the toxicity of that marriage. He realizes that he was married to a crazy person.” On the other hand, how’s this for a crazy counterpoint? Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Schuester says, “I do think she and Will will reunite at some point. It’s unfinished [so] I think they will have another chapter at some point.” Besides, she continues, “Terri is actually growing and learning from her mistakes.”

Question: I would ask if you knew if Jorja Fox was going to re-sign with “CSI,” but the chances of getting an answer are slim to none, right? – ALS

Ausiello: Slim to none…yes and no. I have an answer for you, but it’s sorta “nebulous.” “Jorja and I haven’t sat down and talked about next season,” E.P. Carol Mendelsohn tells me. “But [she's] definitely in the finale, and since the finale is a ‘to be continued,’ I would say it’s a pretty good bet that Jorja will be back for at least some or all of next season. It’s been great having her with us this season.”

Question: A rumor has been circulating about the “CSI” season finale regarding Catherine Willows’ fate. Any scoop on that? —Ann

Ausiello: There will be blood, and according to Carol Mendelsohn, it will belong to “more than one CSI.”

Question: I’m sad. Not only have we gone weeks without a new episode of “Desperate Housewives,” but you haven’t given us any spoilers lately either! —Matthew

Ausiello: You think you’ve got it rough? Wait until you see what poor Lynette has to endure in the season finale. Hint: It’ll make Violet’s C-section from hell on “Private Practice” look like a [insert the word for white trash teens who give birth in the bathroom at the prom and still make last dance].

Question: Now that Agents Walker and Bartowski are together on “Chuck,” what’s next for our favorite couple? —Charles

Ausiello: A new obstacle! “Chuck has a secret he’s keeping from Sarah,” teases exec producer Josh Schwartz. “A secret that could cost Chuck what Sarah loves most about him — his mind.” Um, yikers!

Question: Two weeks in the row without any “Chuck” spoilers? What’s the matter, sad that Shaw is finally gone? I’m not! What’s next for Team Bartowski? —Marie

Ausiello: That Shaw crack may come back to haunt you, since I have it on very good authority that someone from Chuck’s past will return in the finale to do him great harm. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: I’m really enjoying “Miami Medical,” especially the hottie Mike Vogel. Any scoop? —Tiffany

Ausiello: The Alpha Team will stumble on a major piece in the puzzle that is Dr. Proctor’s mysterious past when a newspaper article surfaces.

Question: “Supernatural’s” 100th episode is this week! To celebrate, how about a May sweeps scoop? —Tim

Ausiello: Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming “face-off with Death is hands-down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.”

Question: Any chance Meg (Rachel Miner) will be returning to “Supernatural” before the end of the season? —Jessica

Ausiello: No.

Question: You’re going to drag out this pregnancy Blind Item until sweeps, aren’t you? —David

Ausiello: Looks that way.

Question: I’m already sick of Katherine Howard on “The Tudors.” When are we going to see Joely Richardson’s Queen? —Sam

Ausiello: Queen C doesn’t show up until sometime after episode 5, when Katherine Howard.. well, you know. And if you don’t, crack open a freakin’ history book!

Question: Didn’t I see you at a cabaret show in NY last Thursday? I pegged you as more the mosh pit type. —Ben

Ausiello: You crowd surf at one Cyndi Lauper concert and suddenly you’re pigeonholed. Yes, that was me at the wickedly funny Joshua Warr’s cabaret show, “Sing No Evil.” Wait a second…were you the dude seated near the bar who was staring at me all night? Stupid freak show, you should’ve said hello!

Question: I’m confused. Sheldon Cooper has no interest in sex, but he’s getting a girlfriend on “The Big Bang Theory.” Don’t the two go hand in hand? —Annie C

Ausiello: I was a little confused about that myself, so I asked Jim Parsons about the nature of Sheldon’s relationship with upcoming guest star Mayim Bialik. “If Sheldon has feelings for Mayim’s character, I don’t think he knows it yet,” he tells me. ”As the actor playing Sheldon, I guarantee that I was left uncertain.”

We now interrupt this week’s Ask Ausiello to bring you this impromptu Q&A with honorary Aushole Kristen Bell, conducted by my colleague, Keith Staskiewicz…

Aside from Party Down, any other TV shows you’d like to guest on?

BELL: Damages. As the next Mrs. Arthur Frobisher.

I’m required by law to ask: Any news on the Veronica Mars movie?

BELL: I wish there was. Warner Bros, care to take this one?

This question comes from an interested third-party: Is there any message you’d like to give to Michael Ausiello?

BELL: No, but I’d like to give the public a message: Ausiello is a fabulous kisser.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Ask Ausiello…

Question: Do you have any new “Bones” finale scoop? —Katie

Ausiello: Exec producer Stephen Nathan describes the episode as “the next logical emotional step after what happened in the 100th.” Adds series creator Hart Hanson: “And it’s really, really good.”

Question: Next time you see Emily Deschanel, tell her she was awesome in the final scene of last week’s “Bones.” —Chris

Ausiello: Perfect timing. We’re actually going rollerblading later this week, so I’ll be sure to give her the message. Speaking of The Scene, Deschanel confesses it was a challenge to pull off. “But it was an important scene so we had to nail it,” she adds. “It is pretty rare that we see [Brennan] cry. The season finale of the first season was a pretty upsetting moment. I don’t have to get that emotional very often. She holds everything in but sometimes the emotions overwhelm her and the dam breaks. I think if some people had their way I’d be crying in every episode, but that’s not who the character is at all. It is not that she doesn’t have feelings. She just holds them in most of the time.”

Question: I’m a huge “Bones” fan and I was wondering if there was any scoop you could give me about Angela’s relationship with Hodgins? –Lily

Ausiello: Would you settle for a scoop about her relationship with her father instead? ‘Cause that’s all I got. “My dad, played by Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, comes back on the show in a really killer way,” reveals Angela’s portrayer, Michaela Conlin. “I should clarify that. It’s not in a Bones killer way, but killer as in cool ass. He has a really great episode.”

Question: More “White Collar” season 2 scoop, please! —Josh

Ausiello: Season 2 will turn “Willie Garson into an action star,” declares exec producer Jeff Eastin. “There’s an episode where Mozzie has a girlfriend in peril.” Eastin adds that we’ll make “a few discoveries” about Garson’s sidekick character, including “why he’s called Mozzie, which isn’t his real name.”

Question: Any “Rescue Me” scoop? Will season 7 really be the last? —Brandi S.

Ausiello: FX prez John Landgraf tells me that an official decision will be made “in the next couple of months… It’s more of a creative [decision] than anything else. There’s a decent chance that the episodes we’re producing will be the final ones. We want the show, like The Shield, to have a full, complete arc.” Oh, The Shield. How I miss thee. I hope Claudette’s doing okay.

Question: I just watched seasons 1 and 2 of “Sons of Anarchy” in two days! Can I get some scoop on season 3? Can’t believe I didn’t watch this show earlier! —Lucas

Ausiello: A little birdie with loose lips tells me that the show is currently talking to Titus Welliver about reprising his role as Irish gunrunner Jimmy O for a handful of episodes.

Question: Any word on season 2 of “Parenthood”? —Valentina

Ausiello: This week’s episode held up well against Glee, so I’m leaving it as “a safe bet” on my Bubble Show Scorecard. E.P. Jason Katims, meanwhile, tells me the season finale won’t really work as a series finale since “there will be one or two questions that are hanging in the balance.” (Note to NBC: If you cancel this show, I release the pictures!)

Question: I’m sad. You haven’t given us any “NCIS” scoop in ages! Got anything new for me? —Catherine

Ausiello: Remember Tony and Ziva’s big Parisian adventure earlier this season? Well, the show is producing a sequel to air later this season, only this time the stars are Abby and McGee and the setting is Mexico.

Question: Now that Renee has been killed off in “24,” is there a chance of Audrey returning for the “24” movie? —Patty

Ausiello: Yes, there’s a chance. “Any character who is still alive has been discussed and is being considered,” says exec producer Howard Gordon. “But I’m not ready to disclose any names because it could change.”

Question: Any chance Kim will return for the big “24” finale? —Charlie

Ausiello: No. According to e.p. Howard Gordon, “Once upon a time she was [going to be in the finale], but we went in a different direction. The story took on a darker hue that didn’t include her.”

Question: I seriously need spoilers for “Law & Order: SVU.” —Rose

Ausiello: “Something bad happens to one of our main characters in the finale,” reveals exec producer Neal Baer. “The [finale] is a huge episode. Also, one of our characters saves another character and is a big hero.”

Question: I just started following you on Twitter. In return, can I get a “NCIS: LA” scoop? —Joshua

Ausiello: I’m sorry, but my Twitter-4-Scoop promotion expired yesterday at sundown. I guess I can make an exception just this once. A member of the LA team will turn in his/her resignation before the end of the season.

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