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Adam Levine happy to watch Blake Shelton suffer on 'The Voice'

Adam Taylor / NBC / Today
Blake Shelton lost out on a promising country singer to fellow "Voice" coach Adam Levine Monday.

With the theme of Monday’s audition episode of the “The Voice” being All Country Singers Go to Blake Shelton and the hopelessness of the other judges in trying to stop that trend, it should come as no surprise that the shocking twist at the end of the night is that Blake finally lost one.

Country-singing firefighter Warren Stone closed the show strong with “Colder Weather,” and Adam Levine turned his chair around right away. Shakira followed soon after, with Blake waiting until the final few seconds. The Maroon 5 frontman used that quickness to his advantage.

“The second you uttered a couple of notes, I knew. Take that into account. I’m giving it all I got, sitting here racking my brain thinking of ways to get you to be on my team,” Adam said.

Blake tried his best to get Stone to assimilate into the country Borg, and Shakira made a strong pitch as well, but Stone ultimately went with Adam, who jumped out of his chair in triumph.

“Warren is my first triumph in the battle of pop versus country. I felt really honored to have him on my team, and I was also really happy to watch Blake suffer,” he said. As if to make that clearer, he later taunted, “How’s that feel, baby! My dream has come true. I finally did it.”

“Blake and Adam have this thing going between them," Usher pointed out. "Now that he’s gotten that out of the way, they have other things to work out. Couples therapy is what I suggest.”

“If Adam beat me with a country artist, I would dress like Cee Lo in the peacock outfit that he wore to the Grammys, but I’m not worried about it,” Blake said. Speaking for the rest of the country, Blake, stop making those kinds of boasts. Nobody wants to see that.

Beyond that, the results were predictable. Blake might have lost one of his faves to Adam, but he picked up the duo known as The Swon Brothers and aspiring country artist Holly Tucker, though he was sheepish at failing to turn his chair for former colleague Julie Roberts.

Usher picked up former gymnast Taylor Beckham and the intriguingly quirky Michelle Chamuel. The former Usher liked in part because any ex-elite gymnast has demonstrated both discipline and the ability to follow instructions, and embraced the latter’s goal of becoming an alternative electronic pop artist.  

In addition, Usher also had the biggest ego-deflator of the night, asking mover Landon Medvec, “Why aren’t you a girl?” Fortunately nobody turned the show into a lecture on genetics, but for a guy from Minnesota in what he said was his first real gig, it couldn’t have been the comment he hoped to hear.

Former “Sabado Gigante” actress Monique Abbadie was such an obvious Shakira pick that none of the other three judges tried hard to woo her.  “I’m not gonna waste everybody’s time. She’s picking Shakira. Shut up,” Blake said.

Shakira also picked up Garrett Gardner, seconds before he was poised to be shut out at this stage for the second year in a row.

In addition to his victory over Blake with Warren Stone, Adam also wound up with children’s voice teacher Karina Iglesias, a powerful singer in search of a niche who looked to be going home empty-handed before both Adam and Blake turned around at the last minute.

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