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Adam Levine and Blake Shelton go from duet to duel on 'The Voice'

Duet or duel? Blake Shelton and Adam Levine's bromance status is complicated on "The Voice."

If "The Voice" bromancers Adam Levine and Blake Shelton had to describe their relationship status on Facebook, they'd probably say "it's complicated."

Halfway through Monday's Top 10 performance show, the duo were writing a sure-fire hit song in response to a viewer tweet. That all changed in the drop of a hat (or rather, mic), with one threatening to kill his rival.

At first, everyone played nicely. The coaches were generally complimentary of the singers, although most failed to match their previous week's performances. 

Then host Carson Daly relayed a question tweeted by one of the show's fans: "Will Adam and Blake do a duet this season?"

"Yeah, we wrote a song together," Adam said. "It's called 'Beer and Family.' It's really great."

That collaboration looked like it was news to Blake, but he was willing to give it a shot. "Sing a little bit of that for him," he told Adam.

"All I need is beer and family," sang Adam with a country twang. 

"Blake, what's your part?" Carson asked.

"I actually drink the beer with my family," Blake said. So now we know what the video looks like.

If, that is, there is a video. Because soon afterward Adam took offense at Blake's seemingly innocuous reaction to one of James Wolpert's props.

"First, I wanna talk to the producers about getting the budget for the second half of your mic stand," Blake quipped after James' performance. "We've gotta have the bottom half next time."

Well, shame on Blake for not appreciating the inspiration for that extra-small mic stand.

"That was cool! That was cool! You stop that right now!" Adam exclaimed. "That's a Freddie Mercury nod right there, and that's cool. You — you are not cool."

"Hey — calm down," Blake responded to the riled-up rocker.

He did no such thing. Adam stood up, pointed at Blake and shouted, "I will kill you!" 

OK, he wasn't serious — Blake doesn't need to hire extra security for the next show. Probably not, anyway. But he wasn't taking any chances.

"OK, vote for James," he said. 

Tessanne Chin's success has brought "The Voice" onto Jamaican TV, and on Monday she had the country's biggest sports hero in her corner.

Olympic champion Usain Bolt stopped by to briefly promote his new book and to tell Carson how the singer has developed a huge following in the country.

"Yeah it's ridiculous. It's been crazy. People are trying to figure out a way to vote and everything," Bolt said. "I know everybody's watching right now. It's really blown up in Jamaica."

Bolt passed on Carson's suggestion that he sing something to try and get the judges to turn, but he did retain his title as the world's fastest human by beating the "Voice" host in the two-step race across the skybox. 

Unfortunately for two "Voice" artists, their race to the finish will be cut short Tuesday, when the field is narrowed to eight in the live results show.