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Adam Lambert defends ‘campy’ album cover

The cover of Adam Lambert's new album, “For Your Entertainment,” is raising eyebrows, but Lambert claims he's in on the joke.
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To those who found Adam Lambert’s upcoming album cover to be a tacky mash-up of twinkling fonts, outdated inspiration and retouching gone wrong, the “American Idol” runner-up wants to make one thing perfectly clear: he meant to do that.

The singer took to his Twitter account Wednesday, hoping to convince critics that the cover art represented a tongue-in-cheek tribute rather than a personal case of bad taste.

“Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy,” Lambert wrote. “It's an (homage) to the past. It IS ridiculous.”

If some are still undecided about the singer’s fairly obvious intent (seriously, forget the glitter — the pore-free “glamour shot” look and frosty pink lipstick give it away), Lambert takes comfort in the fact he was at least noticed, if not understood.

“For those that don't get it: oh well…Glad to have gotten your attention,” the performer tweeted before signing off with, "Androgyny. Rock n Roll.”

Lindsay Lohan's dad predicts her death Embattled actress Lindsay Lohan recently vented that she’d had enough of her estranged father’s oh-so-public efforts to save her while keeping himself “in the media spotlight.” Which means LiLo isn’t likely to appreciate Michael Lohan’s latest stunt.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, the elder Lohan predicted his daughter’s impending death.

“I fear the worst,” Michael Lohan told the magazine. “Look at Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger — who was a close friend of (Lindsay's).”


The cute child star grew into a Hollywood bombshell — with grownup problems of her own.

So, if revealing this mortal fear and other concerns to a magazine rather than, oh, say a doctor, a court, other family members or even Lindsay Lohan herself doesn’t fix his little girl’s future, Michael Lohan is convinced she won’t last long.

“It could be a year, a month, a week — who knows?” he said.

She’s no ‘Loser’After seven weeks of low-cal meals and grueling workouts, Abby Rike asked her teammates to voter her off “The Biggest Loser” campus. But unlike most “send me home” requests, Rike wasn’t really giving up. She was just ready to move on.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

After all, Rike’s biggest accomplishment wasn’t the 82 pounds she shed since joining the program. It was her personal realization that she had a reason to go on living after losing her husband and two children in a 2006 car crash.

“You can’t bury your two children and the love of your life and think, ‘Oh, I'm just going to be okay,’” Rike explained to Life and Style. “You can’t help what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond to it. My journey (on ‘The Biggest Loser’) was more about finding out where I fit into the world. For me it was truly about healing from the inside out. Losing weight is kind of like shedding the sadness and hurt and emerging stronger. My life will matter again.”

Dish on the fly
Flip-flopping “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick recently revealed a little more about his infamous televised switcheroo. It seems Mesnick didn’t decide to dump short-term fiancé Melissa Rycroft for fellow contestant Molly Malaney until he learned Malaney might land her own chance to love ’em and leave ’em. “(The producers) kept asking me if I thought Molly would make a good ‘Bachelorette,’” Mesnick told Us Weekly. He then “realized I was not willing to let Molly go on TV and have 25 guys fight over her.” Still not helping the old tarnished image there, Mesnick. … After getting an in-person eyeful of plastic surgery enthusiast Jocelyn Wildenstein, Courtney Love instantly swore off nip-tucks for good. “I could do with another boob lift, but no way,” the singer insisted in a quote published to ContactMusic. “I don’t want to end up looking like (Wildenstein). She looked freaky.”

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