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By By Ree Hines

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Leading the pack of smelly looking ladies is the fashion-forward, hygiene-backward twosome, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The cherubic-child-actors-turned-boho-chic-Starbucks-guzzlers rarely bother dragging a comb through their unruly manes, much less putting their big bucks toward tidy threads. Mary-Kate is easily the worst twin offender, sporting what looks like days worth of caked-on eyeliner and puffing on a perma-smoke, but Ashley vies for her moment in the grubby spotlight, too, with her recent knack for stealing her sibling’s grunge aesthetic.

Kirsten Dunst

Shampoo? Meet Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten? Meet shampoo. A real life version of that exchange might have spared Kiki her spot on this list. Then again, maybe not. Those greasy locks need some serious help, but there’s still the nagging nicotine smell that likely lingers around her. As for her overall assumed aroma, it’s not looking good for Kirsten. Last year, Star magazine quoted an insider as saying, “Kirsten’s friends have nicknamed her ‘Stinky.’” The source claimed the moniker was due to Kirsten having, “the worst body odor!” And a service industry blogger known as “BitterWaitress” not only pegged Kirsten as a tip-stiffer, but added, “She smelled, badly.” Ouch.

Helena Bonham Carter

Poor Helena Bonham Carter. Remember when she was the elegant, young princess of period drama? Oddly enough, as her characters slid from swanky to slovenly, so went Helena’s personal style. Now that she’s paired up, both in almost-wedlock and work, with Tim Burton, Helena looks like his dingy doppelganger and sometimesworse. It’s not just her dumpster-worthy duds that register on the hypothetical stink-o-meter; that poorly groomed nest of hair piled haphazardly on her head doesn’t look so fresh, either.

Pam Anderson

If anyone ever suffered stink by association, it’s Pamela Anderson. The former “Baywatch” babe hitched her matrimonial wagon to three of the most malodorous looking men around: Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon. To make matters worse, professionally she’s worked as “ta-da!” girl for Criss Angel (a man worthy of his own 5Top list of potential odors). Romantic rumors abound for Pam and her illusionist boss-man, and, well, that fits her pattern. But Pam stands accused of more than second-hand stink. She may clean up well for gigs, but, without the stage shtick and spackled mounds of make up, she looks like she just rolled out of bed in whatever she wore the night before.

Cameron Diaz

When Kirsten’s done with the shampoo, Cameron Diaz could use a dose. Cam’s frequently oily tresses, which look all the worse when teamed with what can only be called a sweaty sheen, make for a presumed B.O. hazard. Granted, the men folk don’t seem to mind. Cameron’s famously dated Matt Dillon, Justin “Sexy Back” Timberlake, and was even once engaged to No. 4 on the “Actors who look like they smell bad” list, Jared Leto. Just like the guys, cute looks trump foul smells every time.