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Actress sues Snoop Dogg over fake scenes

Actress says her performance was edited to make her appear nude
/ Source: Reuters

A Los Angeles actress has sued MTV and rapper Snoop Dogg, saying they edited her videotaped performance to make her appear to be naked and having sex despite her insistence that she wanted to appear in pajamas and would only consent to holding hands.In the lawsuit, filed  Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Doris Burns asks a judge to award her unspecified damages.Burns, who occasionally appears as a featured extra in film and TV programs, was hired last March to appear in an episode of MTV’s “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle,” which was hosted by Snoop Dogg.According to the lawsuit, MTV officials told Burns that she would appear in a bedroom scene in which a husband and wife were about to have sex. Burns agreed to appear in the scene “wearing pajamas or comparable attire,” the lawsuit said.She “specifically told (MTV) that she did not agree to look as if she were nude or about to engage in sexual relations to which they agreed,” the lawsuit said.After Burns refused to simulate intercourse with the man who played her husband, Burns agreed to be filmed sitting beside the actor, holding his hand.But in the version that aired on Aug. 31, MTV producers ”made the scene look like plaintiff was nude and playing with her husband’s genitals” by blurring her torso and the hand that was holding the male actor’s hand, the lawsuit said.Representatives for Snoop Dogg and MTV could not immediately be reached for comment.Burns accused the company, rapper Snoop Dogg and others of fraud, defamation, breach of contract, invasion of privacy and other claims and asks a judge to award unspecified damages.She claimed to have suffered “severe emotional and physical distress” after watching the program with her 10-year-old son.