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Access exclusive: Sara Evans opens up

It was the scandal that rocked ‘Dancing with the Stars’ when Sara abruptly left the show to be with her children due to a devastating divorce.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“It was very personal. It was very traumatic and it was very hard for my children” — Sara Evans in October 2006.

That is the only time country music star Sara Evans has ever gone on the record about the divorce that forced her to leave “Dancing With the Stars” — until now!

Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent traveled to Nashville for a new, exclusive interview with Sara and when he got there, he found a woman with absolutely no regrets.

It was the scandal that rocked “DWTS” when Sara abruptly left the show to be with her children due to a devastating divorce.

“It was obviously a very difficult decision,” Tim noted. “Do you think it was the right decision?”

“There was no doubt in my mind. I had to step away from everything career-wise and just be with my children. It took me about two seconds to make that decision,” Sara revealed.

It all began — or rather ended — last season when Sara received some shocking information just moments before she took the stage on the ABC show.

At least 100 pornographic photos allegedly showing her husband of 13 years, Craig Schelske, in lurid poses and having sex with other women were discovered on their home computers.

Schelske countered with claims of adultery, saying Sara had affairs with dance partner Ton Dovolani, as well as several other country stars including Kenny Chesney.

Both Sara and Schelske have denied the claims made against them.

“He is one of my dearest friends in the industry,” Sara said of Chesney. “We’ve been friends for 10 years. We’re both on the same record label.”

Sara has now moved on — her children inspiring her new gift book and single “You’ll Always Be My Baby.” It’s a healing book about unconditional love, but the preface is quite telling.

“We are faced with many choices in life. Sometimes, unfortunately, we or our loved ones make the wrong decisions,” Sara writes.

“What’s your take on the whole thing now?” Tim asked her.

“It was such a strange year,” she replied.