Abdul blames painkillers for ‘weird’ behavior

/ Source: msnbc.com

Paula Abdul maintains that she’s never been drunk, but she does admit that she can “get weird.”

In the June issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, it’s revealed that Abdul had a condition, reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, that required aggressive pain management. She wore a patch that delivered a pain medication 80 times more potent than morphine, took a nerve medication, and sometimes took a muscle relaxer, according to LHJ. It was this combination that Abdul said caused her to “get weird,” at times.

It’s been confirmed that all four “American Idol” judges will be back next year, but LHJ reports that uncertainty about Abdul has been there since day one.

“After her first day she tried to quit seven times,” the magazine reports.

That doesn’t seem to jibe with Abdul’s sentiment that she “always knew the show was going to be a big success,” but then again, Abdul is not always the best at communicating clearly.

So, let’s focus on the important parts: “‘American Idol’ has been a gift,” Abdul told the magazine. “Nothing makes me happier than nurturing talent and seeing them rise and take flight. It’s my true calling in life.”

Happily married ‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter is so far the only “Bachelorette” to tie the knot, and she and husband Ryan recently welcomed baby number two, a daughter named Blakesley, on April 3.

The couple shares pictures of Blakesley in this week’s Life & Style, but the bigger story might be that the Sutters are still together.

How did they find love on reality television while the relationships of other Bachelorettes, such as the recently jilted Melissa Rycroft, have ended so disastrously?

“I will acknowledge that it’s difficult,” Sutter said. “You meet under these crazy circumstances, and then you get separated for three months, which was super hard. And I think some people just think they’re ready and then when they see the person again, they realize those feelings just aren’t there.”

Brad catches up with Jen’s friends

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

Jennifer Aniston might never be on friendly terms with Brad Pitt, but it looks like she hasn’t forbidden her friends from hanging out with her ex.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette reunited with Pitt over Crumbs cupcakes backstage at a Chris Cornell concert in L.A. on May 3, Us Weekly reports.

“Courteney and David were laughing and chatting with Brad,” a source told Hot Stuff. “They were all reminiscing. Everyone got along great.”

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